Coming in 2010!

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  1. the end is near

    completed parts!

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  2. two redone over parts!

    two parts of the more make over.

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  3. completed pics!

    enjoy. and merry christmas and a happy 2010 new year!

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  4. more pics

    more pics of the pink limo enjoy.

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  5. now the all new! ford flex! for 2010!

    now i'm getting into the suv's life style. here's a look at what your going to build!
    looks like the real thing!

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  6. realistick tires and wheels

    i'm going to try something on the dub hubcaps spokes wheels stand out version! instead of one piece! but i put tiny tabs on to slide throu slots.

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  7. update again

    more parts to assemble.

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  8. i desided to gold trim the name flex and limted!

    plating. on the back of suv.

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  9. ford flex done!

    finneshed pics enjoy.

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  10. that's it for now taking a brake. for 4 weeks. cooking up new idea's bye!
  11. spam

    spam New Member

    Those look awesome. I look forward to seeing more...
  12. more fun in papermodeling paperfun!!

    can you tell me what my next concept car is for the future?

    p.s. it's an exclusive one too!

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  13. color version!

    now in living color and 1:18 scale too!

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  14. more of the future realistick car parts


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  15. update more comming soon?

    soon there will be more parts to come's page 3.

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  16. the last page


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  17. great! job.

    it came out really good. the paper model is amazing! see for yourself.

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  18. more concept cars.

    another cars is made.

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  19. this the history in the creating.

    now for the results art in.

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  20. here is a bubble prototype areodynamic concept car

    i doing the impossable this out of entire card stock you can see this will not! be an ez model to build or is it? you deside.

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