Coming in 2010!

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  1. more newer stuff comming in 2010. here's a sneek peek.

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  2. 2010


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  3. more pics

    here more pics updates

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  4. fin the tires


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  5. this came out great!

    what new for 2010?

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  6. here's my laters drawing for 2010.

    more stuff comming in 2010.

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  7. colorrized!

    now in living color.

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  8. ekuth

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    Sweet stuff... my little boy will like these! :mrgreen:
  9. more drawing skeches

    the bottom and sides.

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  10. colored!


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  11. more part's of the model.

    to complete

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  12. the last page


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  13. attention!!

    the body of the car is not right. this one is i did a remake over the front of the truck
    test fitted it and it's right now the first one is at the top is not right how do i delet it?

    any help will do.

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  14. finneshed finnally?

    here it is.

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  15. i'm doing request allso in 2010 if you like a concept car to be build from all cardstock
    (like i'm doing now!) please send it here or
    photos of the car please back front side and i'll make it for you for free no money please i don't need a law suit right now just for your enjoyment only and yes this and others will be releast soon in 2010 more comming soon drawing in progress. more projects too?
    i love what i do for life no job but enjoying this stuff with papercraft papermodel paper cars. concept cars that is?
    p.s. this is my entire lifes work and i'll never ever stop loving it. ether. the end!
  16. something new is comming to zealot!

    a 2010 pink limo z 1:20 scale it's going to be big

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  17. the back end of the model.

    the rest of the car more coming soon.

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  18. nammtcn

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  19. more pages

    more parts of the car.

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  20. bottom part

    more parts

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