Come on back to the caboose and get a cup of coffee [or sweet ice tea] Part V

Discussion in 'The Caboose' started by N Gauger, Mar 22, 2008.

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  1. Chief Eagles

    Chief Eagles Active Member

    RT, where ever you are. Your ZW will arrive at new address on the 28th. Trees sprayed and squash, zucchini and cucumbers picked. Later
  2. sir james

    sir james Member

    We had a house full of family today, way to much food served and eaten. Why do they always make so much? I told everyone to come back tomorrow and eat again. I ran the trains for a short time but with little ones going every which way I did not run them very long. It's quiet now, I am tired and granny is watching her Red Wings. All is well....S.J.
  3. CNWman

    CNWman CNW Fan

    Hey Guys:wave:

    Went over to my friend John Listerman's to run trains Friday night and had a blast hauling a train of empties through tunnels. I also learned the fate of my "true" first steamer:
    Bachman Spectrum 2-8-0, no.2781 for the B&O, very nice runner and looker. Untill one of the pins holding the drive rods broke clean off after less than an hour of run time:curse:. I returned 2781 to the store and got UP 618, a similar Spectrum 2-8-0, except it didn't have the part that broke off. At is would happen, a fellow railroader was running Spectrum 2-8-0 no. 2782 for the B&O (John is a B&O modeler in the early transition era, his desiel roster limited to one F3A, one F7B, and one AB set of E6's), past me, and I commented to John about it and my broken steamer, to which he named the exact part that broke,:eek: to my surprise. It would turn out that John had visited the same store I'd gone to and bought the very steamer that I'd returned, and he had it there at his repair table, looking exactly the way it was when I last saw it, only not in a box. Talk about things going around and comming around, huh?

    No new news otherwise, except the Riverside has two coaches due for refurbishing, which you can check out in the weekly photo fun thread:thumb:

  4. sir james

    sir james Member

    Wife is happy,always a good sign. Red Wings won 4 to 0.
  5. jeffrey-wimberl

    jeffrey-wimberl Active Member

    Good morning.

    It's 75 and cloudy here this morning. That's expected to change to 92 degrees with thunderstorms later today.

    Didn't get much done on the layout yesterday as I was at a party much of the day and didn't get home until after ten last night. I'll probably spend most of today recovering from that.

    Today's Weather for:
    Sundown, LA 71446-6114 5/25/2008

    Heat Index: 82°F
    Humidity: 96%
    Dew Point: 75°F

    So Far Today
    High: 79°F
    Low: 75°F
    Rain: 0.00"
    Rain Rate: 0.00"/h
    Gust: 8mph S

    Today High: 95 Partly sunny. Patchy fog in the morning. Isolated showers in the afternoon. Highs in the mid 90s. South winds up to 10 mph. Chance of rain 20 percent.

    Tonight Low: 72 Mostly cloudy. Isolated showers in the evening. Lows in the lower 70s. South winds around 10 mph in the evening becoming light and variable. Chance of rain 20 percent.

  6. Brutus

    Brutus Member

    Morning Jeffrey, nice pic - different perspective. Hope you feel better. My sinus is draining and another storm has gone through, so much for our sunny days the weather man promised. Decongestant is working. New forecast says clear by noon and will continue to have storms and rain from tonight through until Wednesday.... I'll check the lawn in a while and see how wet it is. I can't mow my hill if it's too wet as there is a tendency to slide to your doom! Hmmm, then I'll have to work and play in the basement with my trains!
  7. jeffrey-wimberl

    jeffrey-wimberl Active Member

    Thanks Brutus. I hope you get your sinus problem under control. Mine go crazy this time of year with the pines and flowers pollinating and all.
  8. Chief Eagles

    Chief Eagles Active Member

    Morning [cutting it close]. Jim F, hope it clears up. got top teeth hurting some from pecan pollen. Pecan blooms falling everywhere. Pretty day and real sunny. Later.
  9. Brutus

    Brutus Member

    Thanks guys, that's the way it goes with me. An area to the left side of the face and down to the front teeth aches with pressure. Not really a headache, but not pleasant at all. Claritin D is working. Another storm is coming, can feel it in the air. I'm allergic to a lot of pollens and also mold. So, no yard work today - gonna go down to the basement! Chewy is full of leftover pizza and taking a nap to sleep it off and digest. Maybe take a couple pics, too? TTFN
  10. cnw1995

    cnw1995 Member

    Afternoon all. Had fun serving as video director at church services this morn. Hope you are feeling better, Brutus.
  11. jefelectric

    jefelectric Member

    My it sure is quiet around here after 5 year old granddaughter was take home after 3 day visit. She sure did keep Nana and I busy for the weekend. At least we get tomorrow to rest up with no activities planned.

    We did get a lot of train running and train activities in though.

    Hope everyone has a pleasant Memorial Day.
  12. kpolak

    kpolak Member

    Evening! laid plans usually change. Today turned out to be honey do day. Bride wanted her fountain back up and running, deck cleaned and stained, and something done about the mosquitos in the yard.

    So we stopped at tractor supply, and picked up a pump, and some anti-mosquito stuff. I spent most of the day behind the pressure washer, cleaning the deck, patio stones, play structures, house, and all the stuff I covered with mud while cleaning the patio blocks. So deck is cleaned, and drying and will be stained in a day or so. Sprayed some mosquito stuff on the grass and plants...we'll see what happens with that.

  13. sir james

    sir james Member

    We had a beautiful day today. but tomorrow does not sound so good. storms forecast. The kids returned today to help eat the leftovers from yesterday so now at least I have a chance at something different for the week. Our SIL brought his mother with them today and she wanted to see the trains, she was impressed, how about that. I hope everyone has a great day tomorrow. TTFN.....S.J.
  14. Brutus

    Brutus Member



    Had to quit due to storms, but did smoke up the basement :rolleyes:
  15. jeffrey-wimberl

    jeffrey-wimberl Active Member

    Looks good Brutus.

    I've been doing some work on the park today. The glue is still wet.




  16. Brutus

    Brutus Member

    Looking good, is that track where you will put the old steamer?
  17. jeffrey-wimberl

    jeffrey-wimberl Active Member

    You got it!
  18. Brutus

    Brutus Member

    :roll: Should put one of those diesels there and run the steamer! :thumb:
  19. jeffrey-wimberl

    jeffrey-wimberl Active Member

    Can't run the steamer. It's dead.
  20. CSXect

    CSXect Member

    Good nite everyone and good morning to those who are getting up early:thumb:

    Thanks to all veterans and service men and women, have a nice holiday.

    waiting for a linux game to download while playing 80's station and posting to forumsign1 if I was to attempt this with the same computer running xp the music would stutter and eventualy lock up.
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