Come on back to the caboose and get a cup of coffee [or sweet ice tea] Part III

Discussion in 'The Caboose' started by N Gauger, Jun 17, 2007.

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  1. dbaker48

    dbaker48 Member

    Got home safe after my trip. Decided to go to Home Depot, while I was there picked up a couple of hinges. Got my bridge all figured out. Just needed the right hinge. The only problem is I have to work all week-end, so maybe get some time next week to get it installed. Finally !!!

    (Be at the same place that the Garden Layout is at that Buckeye was referring to earlier.)

    Have a great week-end.

    Just realized, Jim Barett was at our club
    (AGHR) today with his wife taking pictures, for a future article in their publication.
  2. laz57

    laz57 Member

    HI GIZ,
    Dreary day here today although it is 39 , to get to 48? Then we get SNOW tomorrow nite?
    Going out with flintlock today on neighbors land he has 200 acres mostly farm but leads half way up mountain. May get lucky? Hope gun goes off?
  3. sounds right just in time for either late goin to school or no school for you monday lol

    hope you have a good hunting trip and no more catching you snoozing as shown below

  4. Chief Eagles

    Chief Eagles Active Member

    Morning all. Turned cold and windy. OHH Yanks left the door open. Debating on going to Miss Edna's or not. Really got into working upstairs. Love those long low tubs. Just right for cars and stack on top of each other under backroom layout. I think I like it better than the slanted tracks on the plywood under the layout. Had to stop and go to Town Hall yesterday. Its good to have fun here. "IT" will get me back for sure. wall1 All have a great day and God bless.
  5. laz57

    laz57 Member

    LOL, Thanks RT, I need that one. Hope all is well in your endevor for work.
  6. cnw1995

    cnw1995 Member

    Morning all. It is clearing and cooler. Just came back from Menards where I bought enough gear to fix the gutters, and just happened to find two Lemax buildings - newspaper and barber shop - for half-off. Hurray!

    Had to go back and re-read Don's post - just too funny. Hmmm, now that I think of it, I couldn't name the airfield on the layout for O'Hare - too obvious. I'll have an O'Hare Bridge, but Baker Field sounds pretty good...
  7. Doug....You gotta have a hill named " Blueberryhill ".
  8. Doug...How about a gas station named after a really " gassy " guy ??

  9. jeffrey-wimberl

    jeffrey-wimberl Active Member

    Good morning.

    Today's Weather for:
    Sundown, LA 71446-6114 1/12/2008

    Wind Chill: 58°F
    Humidity: 42%
    Dew Point: 36°F

    So Far Today
    High: 59°F
    Low: 36°F
    Rain: 0.00"
    Rain Rate: 0.00"/h
    Gust: 7mph SE

    Today High: 62 Sunny. Highs in the lower 60s. Light and variable winds.

    Tonight Low: 32 Increasing clouds. Lows in the lower 30s. East winds around 10 mph shifting to the north after midnight.

    Been working on the tourist train last night and this morning and it's almost ready. Here's some pics. There are more photos in the weekend photo fun thread.


  10. Chief Eagles

    Chief Eagles Active Member

    Rules the SKY. :thumb::wave: While OHIZO rules the bad place.:evil: :twisted: Mr. Blueberry, I think you are the one with the nickname of TOOTS. :eek:announce1:yep:

    Back from Miss Edna's. RT, Steve and I talked about your repair. He thinks like me, easy to do. Also, he is interested in those F3's. He will see your email when he gets home tonight from Miss Edna's. Steve Kerney.

    May start volunteering as a host conductor on the Piedmont. NC Railroad passenger train [operated by Amtrak] from Raleigh to Charlotte and return. Just found out about the program.

    Got Fireman's Appreciation Dinner at 6:30. Got home from Miss Edna's to find driveway full of wife's shrubs trimmings. Had to make a load to the pond woods. Bring back a load of rocks for edging her flower gardens. Later.

    Where is Baker, sitting around thinking up something to get me with.
  11. Brutus

    Brutus Member

    Jeffrey, if I ever get a repaint job, I'm hiring it out to you - nice work again sir!

    Well, got up at 5:30 and at work by 6:30, hoping to be off in time to see my son's car in the pinewood derby. I got back to town just as their race was over, though. We all went to lunch at Kriegers and now just chillin' on the computer before we go to friends' house for board game night. SHould be fun, have some new games we got these past 2 weeks.
  12. dwiemer

    dwiemer Member

    John, thanks for all the tips on the doll house. I have the foundation all glued and will paint prior to any more construction. The instructions warn against painting on surfaces to be glued....did you just leave these areas clear?

    Jon, thanks for the thoughts on the Odysee. We have a truck and two cars. The Honda Accord has been a great car with very little repairs. Same for the Bronco. The Mercedes is the expensive one to keep up. I have tried shops that have "Mercedes Trained" mechanics and while they were less expensive, every time I have had issues with them. Plan is to sell the Accord and buy the Odysee.

    Chief, don't let them get the best of you, we know the South is the best place to live. Went out to get mail and bring the trash can up from the road. Was in the mid 70s. I will take that over snow any day. Only down side is had the lawn guy come by and spray more than $700 of Weed killer/winterizer for the grass. Needs to be done a few times per year, but I will still take that over snow any day.

    God Bless,
  13. TooTs to you, Chief....
  14. jefelectric

    jefelectric Member

    Dennis, When I can I leave the area to be glued without paint, when impractical I glue after paint. The weldbond is the best I have ever used for forming a good bond to painted surface. I usually drill guide holes and nail the sides and front to the floors instead of taping together as the instructions recomend. After the glue is dry I then set the nails below the surface and spackle the holes, they then disapear under paint. I do the final coat after basic box is assembled. I also use 1/2 X 2 wood screws to attach the roof pieces to the walls, but you must predrill. I install them with screws, make sure everything is lined up correctly then take apart apply glue and screw them back together. Takes a little time but never had one fail and everything can be done with out rushing to get things lined up before the glue dries. You might notice that on the dormers on the last one, I even put the wallpaper, windows & curtains in before attaching the dormer to the house roof. For the curtains I use 0.040 music wire shaped like a curtain rod and treaded lace, bought on a role and cut to width, on the wire. A roll large enough for two doll houses costs about a buck. Curtains bought for doll houses cost about $20 a window. :shock:

    Went to the greenberg show today. Didn't break the bank, only bought one thing an MTH PRR woodside bobber caboose. Should go good with my PRR H-3 (1890s Consolidation).

    Took this pic for the Chief.


    Will Post some more of the three N gauge layouts and the one O gauge layout displays on the Photo thread.

    Don, Hope to play around with the computer later.
  15. Brutus

    Brutus Member

    Good one, John - looks like some great engines to me!
  16. jefelectric

    jefelectric Member

    Here is the link to the other pictures from the show.

    The N gaugers were exceptionally friendly, I thought. Chatted with quite a few today. Found out that a lot of them have home layouts in other gauges, but like to participate in the modular N gauge clubs. Talked to one who was running a long hopper train 50+, I asked if they all had different road numbers and he said YES. He added that he has 85 different road numbers for that hopper train but he is in the process of changing all of the couplers from talgo type to body mounted and not all are finished. Sounds like a lot of tedious work and expense at about 3.50 a car. Those long trains sure look neat, and they really run smooth. Did I mention that they were all, or at least most were running on DCC control.
  17. sir james

    sir james Member

    I would gladly give up the snow,did you see the Packers game today?SNOW. The reason we are still here are three kids and six grandsons.If not for our little family I would have been gone from here very soon after retirement. Not FL. thou summers too hot and sticky. Later,,Sir James
  18. laz57

    laz57 Member

    HI GIZ,
    Well another year without a deer, kinda rhymes? Oh well like my Indians and Bears wait till next year? Going into farm strutting across the road was a pheasant. Can't shoot it, went sat in woods great day to be a field about 45 and calm. Did a lot o thinkink bout trains and layout. Nice peaceful, just loved being ut there. Gun went off when shot, it figures. Going back over the mountain nice big doe ran in front of us, it figures. Came home cleaned the gun put it away, made supper. Watched FUDGE PACKERS win. Neat game in the snow.
    TOOTs, boy thats a name from the past.
    All B GOOD.
  19. rogerw

    rogerw Active Member

    Oh yes I did , one game away from super bowl Yes.....................
  20. cnw1995

    cnw1995 Member

    Good idea, Chuck. I was trying to be more 'creative' - good thing the railroads named everything. Decent NE - Jax game.
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