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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by cabdriver, Feb 18, 2005.

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    I agree with you, 100%.

    I mean, I check the gauge over 5, yes, 5 times a day to see if anyone has responded to threads that attract my interest! And, most of the time, there aren't any, unless it's a reply from someone kind enough to have already posted.

    I probably should keep my mouth shut--there are a heapload of guys here that are extremely helpful, knowledgable, and kind in every aspect of model railroading--but I'm just wondering, where are you? *lol*

    Like cabdriver, I don't want this to come across the wrong way. I love all you guys. Heck, my layout has been rearranged so many times thanks to suggestions posted here. You guys are so NICE and RESPECTABLE. It means a lot to a teen like me. And I'm sure it would mean a lot to any new modeler.

    And, you're right, maybe I don't have a right to be posting this, considering I haven't been around the Gauge as long as most. But I feel I should say it. I mean, we aren't demanding help, but you guys know so much, even a sentence would suffice! You guys are so knowledgable!

    I mean, if someone needs help, I post what I know pertains to that subject, but I can't figure out for the life of me why you don't.

    Please, this is just something I've noticed, and don't take it the wrong way. (I say that over and over because there are people that will, fact of life!) I certainly hope this doesn't stop anyone from responding to my threads from now on! :p

    There ya go. Happy railroading! My 2 cents.

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    Don't feel slighted or anything like that because you don't get many, many replies and suggestions. It's just human nature. It's been my experience that usually, only about 5% of people will respond. It's normal. Look at any group. Usually it's a small core group that do all the work.
    A comment on your streets and parking. I grew up in a small town in Okla. Main Street had parrallel parking. Some side streets had diagional parking, but only after the alley immediately away from Main St. The business's off main street had diagional parking.

    Your layout is looking good, especially for beginners. The longer you do it, the better it will look.
  3. Ray Marinaccio

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    Hi Cab driver,
    An idea for installing the parking area would be to cut out a piece of cork sheet that is the same highth as the road that matchs the footprint of your building.
    Glue it where you want the building located then mix and apply your pavement. This will give you a step up curb to your sidewalk.
    I would put a parking lot behind the building as well, if there is room.
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    cabdriver, just be patient. It will all come to you. I know I am going through the same thing. I am working on a 4X8, which maybe I should've gone smaller, but I am slowing down because if I try to rush myself I get frustrated because I want quick results. A lot of big layouts that circle the whole garage or basement take forever before they start getting buildings up and scenery in place. I went to look at three big local private layouts, and they had only half their scenery up. One didn't have any up yet except for the blue background.
    I just have to remember, trains are running, everything else will fall into place eventually.
    have a good weekend, john
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    Don`t worry guy`s ,I have to rant now and then, This hobby is great and after building my layout 5 different ways and ALMOST finishing them before the need/want to change it, Frustration is a mild word for me :D :D :rolleyes:

    On my layout and the TRACTION IN ACTION L.O after measuring up just like you did allowing for parking the way we wanted each street/road to be.
    We laid the road with hydrocol or speckling compound. We pinned fine balse strips in place with railway spikes then laid the road. When we were happy we then offered up to the road edge a thicker materiel as Ray said cork or a sheet of Balse wood.
    I used balse because I like to scrib my pavement sets in, I rearly use the pavement that comes with a kit.

    Now remenber if you don`t like the out come rip the darn thing up and start again :D thats the "fun" of modeling.
    Get to it lets see a step by step from YOU :wave:
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    Ray, thanks for the advice. If I understand what you are saying -- take off the existing plastic layer that forms the bottom of the building and that extends outward to form a plastic sidewalk. Then lay a cork bed to match, then apply sidewalk material on top of the cork, then place the building back on top. Is that what you are suggesting, or did I get it wrong? I can see how this would give a nice step up for a sidewalk. In the case of the pictures I posted previously -- I would assume if I do this, and if I want angled parking in front of the stores, I would need to remix some road cement and add it to the side of the existing road I already laid -- perhaps a bit thinner than the main road. This would then form a side road area for the angled parking. If we decide not to do angled parking on main street, and only allow parallel parking, then we would just put the cork based buildings right up to the roadbed. Do you think the existing 5 1/2 inch wide road is big enough for one lane each way with parallel parking?
  7. cabdriver

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    Interurban, thanks for your suggestions as well. I hadn't thought about the balsa wood idea. Any additional comments based on my reply to Ray? I think I might put a couple of cars on the layout with the buildings right up to the road -- one car in the lane of traffic, and one car parallel parked in front of the building. I'll snap a picture and see how it looks.
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    TW20, Capt Turk and J&A, thanks for your supportive comments. It's a brand new day, it's the weekend, and we have some time for working on the railroad :) . All is well again! :wave:
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    what i did on my layout i also used the ws road kit and i agree it can be a pita. buy anyway i just butted the sidewalk and the road together leaving the side on the foam . it looks fine they were at diffrent hightes (sidewalker higer) and my parking was parallel.

    i like the parallel parking idea to its alot more commen its less of a danger to the people to pull out then have to back out into traffice. but i have been in little towns that there main st parking is in the middle of a island on main st but mind you its only mybe 300 yards long or thay have pull in parking . so i guess its up to you after all its you that has to like it.

    i also like the idea that you could put some parking behind the buldings if theres room employes of the dellership need a place to park
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    Hi Folks,
    My way is to place the buildings Where I think they should go , I have a lot so that takes me a while.
    If no street tracks are going down the middle, I put the scale vehicals going both ways, 2 lanes or 4 lanes. 2 lanes allows inline parking in shopping area`s by reducing the road to 2 lanes then back to 4 out of the shopping area

    Always allow parking in side streets and at the back of building for loading.
    Use the scale vehicals and a good eye to get the space right. :)
    That`s what this kid does :p

    Dont foget roads wind a bit that`s where the balsa stips come into play.
    Have FUN!!!! :wave:

    ps search the threads for the Traction in Action posts by me and you will see how the gang put our city together.
    Christmas show was one.
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    cabdriver if you are going to have parking on both sides of the street it maybe a little tight at 5 1/2. i kinda eyeballed it with matchbox cars cause my ho cars are in the basement (i know ho is smaller but not by a lot) but it looks real tight but parking on one side will be ok.
  12. interurban

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  13. cabdriver

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    Thanks for the suggestions. That's a great point about having some parking in the back for the employees. I'll definitely do that.

    I'm going to use our two cars to mock something up and will post here.
  14. cabdriver

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    HOLY COW :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

    I followed your links -- what an amazing layout. See I was right -- there are some incredible modelers on this website. :D I very much enjoyed the pictures and it really helps me put your comments into context. I'm embarassed to say that we only have two automobiles so far, so we'll need to get to the LHS for a few more so I can really see how the layout would look.
    Will post pics soon.

    Thanks again.
  15. cabdriver

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    I like your idea about using black ballast for the gravel parking area behind the buildings.
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    Cabdriver, there are a lot of people here, as on any forum, that do not post, merely read. We offer advice when we can, but as helpful as the Gauge is, advice is not its sole purpose and no one is responsible for making sure every post gets answered.

    Having said that, I totally understand where you're coming from. You're in the midst of building your layout, your enthusiasm is high, and you need answers now! How do I know this? Because I feel the same way much of the time. Same thing when I need a part or some paint, or whatever it is I'm out of. I need it NOW!!!

    I think it's great that you are reading magazines for advice. There are lots of books published on the topic of scenery as well. The more sources of information you have the better it allows you to make the best choice for you.

    You can also try doing a search of the Gauge, because some of these questions have been discussed before, and there's lots of stuff buried here. :)

    As to your question, I always use spackle for roads. It's light, dries fast, and has some flexibility. I use a spreader to put it on - get one the width of the road. I put all my buildings on 0.40 styrene and spackle up to the base. I have had good results with Woodland Scenics "asphalt". It goes on smooth grey, but if you lightly sand it (with 200 grit or higher) it becomes a more weathered, lighter grey. I use a fine tip pen to create cracks. I use Rix Products sidewalks, and for my road markings I have had good success with both airbrushing thru a stencil, or simply using a white coloured pencil.

  17. interurban

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    You and the Family are most welcome.
    There are a lot links from great modelers go to members and you can chase every post down by clicking profile , all threads or posts.
    Have fun
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    Spitfire, sorry for stirring up a cloud of dust :oops: . Hope I didn't offend anyone with my rant.

    You're right -- we are really enthusiastic right now and there are so many people on the-gauge with such great knowledge. When I look at my less than 100 posts and then see people with posts in the thousands, I know there are some modelers with a lot of experience out there. I'll try to be more patient (not one of my virtues, obviously).

    Thanks also for your advice on the styrene. Would not have thought to do that. :thumb:
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    OK, here are some pics testing the layout for parallel parking. This first pic is a side view of the gullwing parallel parked in front of the store with the cobra in the traffic lane.

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