colt 1911

Discussion in 'Gallery & Designs' started by Nothing, Sep 5, 2008.

  1. Nothing

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    i used to carry one of these back in the GW so i decided to make one.

    ARMORMAN Guest

    I've got one of those....inherited it from my dad who inherited it from his. Was built in 1928, went through the Pacific theater, and still shoots straight as an arrow.
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    WHen I use to work for D.O.D. as a police officer I cariied a .45 that was made by the RAND Corp. We even had some guns in the armory made by Singer, Ithaca and a whole bunch of other companies that I never heard of. I have my own .45 made by Springfield Armory which I think is just as good if not better than the Colt version.
  4. Nothing

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    That looks incredible, Nothing. Any chance you'll do any more firearms? A 1:1 AR15 and accessories that mounted to the Picatinny rails would be very cool. Maybe fixed, adjustable and VLTOR stocks for it?????????
  6. Nothing

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