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  1. okies a bit hard to explain but will try my best..

    i have two files, one is a .pdf and the other is in jpeg format..

    on the pdf part of the pic is a nice bright yellow,on the jpeg i have a dull yellow..

    what software do i need so i can match the two colours?

    i:e i want the jpeg to be a nice bright yellow..

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    What is the program your using to do the coloring with?

    Most paint programs can load PDF files. I would load in the PDF. It may ask you the resolution you want to convert the PDF into. Doesn't matter that much. Load in both images and use a color picker in your paint program to get the color value of the PDF 'Yellow' then fill the JPG image with that same color.

    You can also open the PDF in Acrobat and do a screen cap. (CTRL+ALT+Print Screen) That will take a snapshot of your screen as it looks. Make sure the yellow is on the screen when you do that.

    Then open your paint program and 'PASTE' the screen cap image. It resides on your computers clipboard. Then using your color picker to get a sample of the color. Then open your JPG image and paint with that same color.
  3. thanx for that reply .....

    but i need something that i can select only a certain colour on the jpeg,and change it to match the pdf..

    does that make any sense?..

    i tried to use illustraiter with the magic wand tool on the jpeg but it cant select all of the colour...

    and does that make any sense?
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    What you probably have is several different hues of yellow in the JPG image you want to modify..

    Okay I'm not to formilier with Illustrator but you should be able to select each one and add to the selection. On PSP it's done with the CTRL key and your magic wand. You will make selection but they will be added to your current selections..

    NOTE: Just looked up the command for Illustrator it's the SHIFT + RMB. That will let you add to your selection.

    Once you have all the Yellow selected you should be able to adjust the hue or at least make it brighter.

    1 - If the image you are trying to make a brighter yellow is a 3D image that is has shading...

    If you have a bunch of different hues of yellow a mass replacement could be bad as your changing the "Shaded" version of the yellow in the JPG with a fully saturated version of the yellow in the PDF. Removing the shading that is present.

    So I would go the other way and modify the hue you have in the JPG by selecting it and brightening or darkening the selection in Illustrator. That way you will most likely keep the shading that is present in the image but make it the color you want.

    2 - If the image is a 2D image. Illustration without shading

    You should be able to delete the selected color (don't remove the boundry box the selection was in though) and then fill that area with the yellow from the PDF

    Just go back to the PDF image and using your ink dropper click on the yellow part you want to copy the color from.

    - If a 3D image make a note of the HUE values (Red,Blue,Green) this will be your target yellow back on the JPG. You won't get it dead on of course as you have multiple hues of Yellow in the JPG so I would try to get the largest area of the selected yellow (greatest volume of one color) to match the Yellow you want from the PDF file.

    Illustrator and Acrobat are both made by Adobe so Illustrator should be able to load in the PDF file. Making that process pretty easy..

    One more thing.. When you save your "Copy" of the image make sure you have the compression of the JPG to 0% or use a different file type. Say TGA. It is a lossless compression for images. If you compress the file again using JPG without the compression turned off you will find you have artifacts in the image that will again alter the Hue of the Yellow you are trying to get. So turn the compression off or make it Nill or use a different image format... When saving your copy

    Never save over the original image by the way always save a copy.. Just in case..

    Hope that helps.

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