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Discussion in 'Software' started by cgutzmer, May 22, 2007.

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    Thanks, Chris, for starting this thread (and others for contributions). It is really helpful to hear about software I hadn't come across and how people are using both the familiar and the unfamiliar.
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    Last year I *finally* upgraded my pc and made the leap from Photoshop 6 all the way to CS2 (which includes Photoshop version 9). I think it is a rather big jump, but fortunately not a difficult one, mainly because so much that is familiar from ver 6 is still there intact.

    It's just that there are LOTS of new things, some of them extremely useful (e.g. edit-transform-WARP, 3D rendering abilities, etc). Most of the tools are the same, but some of them have new abilities. There are a few excellent new tools as well (the "healing brush tool"), and broad new brush customizing abilities (useful across most tools). Also "smart objects" and much more.

    As is typical with Photoshop, the usefulness of a given tool, filter or command is sometimes not apparent until you figure out how to use it in concert with some other tool or technique. Then the magic happens.

    I got up to speed mainly through the on-line help, and a few Photoshop websites, so it's very do-able.

    Good luck if you go this route, I'm sure you'll like it!
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    yeah Chris! good choice:):):)
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    Free Artweaver Program

    I just found Artweaver, which is another great free graphics progam that will complement the others I've already noted earlier:

    Does great airbrush, flood fill, and metal effects; also has many types of brushes/effects too!:twisted:

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    I'm all MS Paint and .jpg, designing like its 1999!

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