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Discussion in 'Competitions' started by Toddlea, Jul 1, 2008.

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  1. jaffro

    jaffro Long term member

    Maybe I should enter my Tumbler build... the original is black, and mine is going to be black, but I'm building it from a white copy of the model files... then painting it black. :D
  2. Toddlea

    Toddlea Member

  3. Toddlea

    Toddlea Member

    Of course.
  4. Toddlea

    Toddlea Member

    Guys, When I started this contest it was not my intention to quash the poll. The poll is still active and I look forward to member feedback. My hope is that several contests will immerge as the result. This is just one to immerge.

    As far as artist permission, of course I support communication with the author. As a designer myself I enjoy other modelers recoloring my designs. I support the fair use laws. If model isn't published or sold I feel you can do anything you want. But that is just my opinion.

    After all the rules that I inflicted in the last contest, I thought a simple contest would be appreciated. Just be creative.
  5. jaffro

    jaffro Long term member

    That is also my opinion, I only mentioned what I said because i have seen just how a certain designer has reacted in the past to someone wanting to recolor one of his models for their own personal reasons, in my opinion he blew the whole thing right out of proportion, I just didn't want to see it happen again.
  6. Wait, before I start I want to make sure it's accepted, you don't have to recolor the whole model, have you?
  7. Toddlea

    Toddlea Member

    Just make a significant change.
  8. Soaring

    Soaring Middle School Student

    Eh, Mechanim8or, the designer and published of the Hazel GUndam, aka Animaniac here onn this forum, hasn't been active :/ I tried contacting a while back, but I recieved no answer. WOuld that make my entry invalid if I do not recieve consent from him?
  9. Hmm, then I think It's too little... let me think what to do then...
  10. cgutzmer

    cgutzmer Guest

    Best effort I think would be acceptable - just dont share out your recolor.

    Toddlea - Now you are saying only a significant change is required. If the model has to be taken to completely white before recoloring..... I think saying a significant change might open a can of worms for you as significant to me might be changing 90% but maybe to someone else it would just be slapping a new insignia on the model. Just a thought before things start getting confusing.....
  11. Well looks to me something that would be noticed instantly. For example, take a airplane which has dark blue and white parts, and then paint all the dark blue red.
  12. outersketcher

    outersketcher Illustrator, Tinker

    WOOHOOO! Earlier today I sent an email to the folks at the Canon website requesting permmission to recolor their most excelant Giraffe model. And they've responded within hours with a gracious "yes you can".

    "Dear Mr. Church:... (that's me... : )...)

    Thank you for contacting Canon product support. We value you as a Canon
    customer and appreciate the opportunity to assist you with if you can
    recoloring the giraffe model.

    You can feel free modify the giraffe model in anyway you feel
    comfortable with. You can send it to us when you are done.

    We hope this information is helpful to you. Please let us know if we
    can be of any further assistance with our giraffe.

    Thank you for choosing Canon."

    Okay, now that I have a green light from the nice folks at Canon, I can begin.

    Think rivets... and copper.... lots of copper.
  13. jaffro

    jaffro Long term member

    next time you talk to them folks at canon with their dodgy tanslator, tell them jaffro says their printers kick @ss :D

    Can't wait to see what you do with that giraffe.
  14. Dragos

    Dragos Active Member

    P-Model often design models for Canon , I've tried to contact them many times to ask the permissoin to post pictures with their F-86 Sabre repainted by me and no answer until today. :cry::cry::cry: Maybe I should contact Canon. :twisted:
  15. sr5nm

    sr5nm Member

    I wouldn't even think to ask permission if I were going to build and paint a model. I might share the end results with the designer, but it is not their position to say "you can only build this if you are going to build it exactly as I wish." What's next, imposing minimum standards of building ability when offering to download or sell models?
  16. outersketcher

    outersketcher Illustrator, Tinker

    In this subject I generally absolutely agree with sr5nm. If I've downloaded a free model or purchased a professional model to build for myself... I'll do what I please to it.

    However, to keep in the spirit of this public contest, And because I'd like to share the work I've done to the model I've chosen, I felt it the courteous thing to obtain permission first.

    Now, there's no worries man.
  17. Yay! I got permission from oliver to repaint his HMMWV model, he's even sending me the white version in JPEG! :mrgreen:
  18. jaffro

    jaffro Long term member

    Building and painting a model is one thing, digitally altering a file is another.

    Most designers don't and won't have a problem with it, some do, and I agree it's a bit over the top sometimes. It's just not our wish to upset anyone to the point where they pull all their downloads and no longer make them available to the general public. I know this sounds extreme, but it has happened before.
  19. Lex

    Lex Dollmaker

    Careful here... We don't want to irritate another Ojimak. This is just a reminder of what could go wrong...
  20. Stev0

    Stev0 Active Member

    I think the best bet is to simply use blank models (provide links) or ask forum members who are designers here for permissions.

    Far too many cases of things going wrong with designers. I can think of many links to free models that can easily fit into this contest.

    Perhaps a thread can be made for this...
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