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    i was just wondering if anyone has modeled their own colorado mining layout? i know bachmann has released their "colorado mining company" trains and i was just curious if anyone took advantage of that. im modeling HOn3 right now with the blackstone 27's and im finding it hard to be happy with anything i come up with since i know the rio grand so well. im thinking of leaving HOn3 and going into On30 with all the colorado mining stuff from bachmann so i can make my own little world and not be so picky about what i've seen in real life. thanks for all the help...if anyone has pics too that would great!

    dave tenney
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    Google has a tone of information and images. Just specify what you're looking for.

    There are also hundreds of mountain mining layouts in the modeling mags over the years, particularly in the Narrow Gauge and Short Line Gazette.
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    Colorado narrow gauge is too well known. No matter what road you model, the rivet counters may never let you be satisfied. You either have to accept your layout as fantasy, stick to prototype, or choose a lesser-known railroad. I have chosen to model 3' mining railroads in arizona. Given the scarcity of information, I feel more comfortable doing a semi-freelance railroad.
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    New thread on Zealot

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    My plan is to break the mold entirely and go in a new direction.

    Frankly, I think the Eastern coal trains, grain trains and switching yards are equally "too well known", and therefore boring. We need new blood.

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