Color Problem with ModelArt P-40M in 1/32 scale

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by david n, Jul 2, 2005.

  1. Getter1

    Getter1 Active Member

    That's funny, After reading this I printed mine out just to see if my files were ok. I have the same problem with page 2's colors. I bought this kit last month and downloaded it from their site, perhaps there was an error created during the download. Now I ask how do I correct this?
  2. dimas Karabas

    dimas Karabas Member

    Here we go again.
    Please read our posts on P -40 and Mustang P 51. Also providing an email address might help.
  3. Getter1

    Getter1 Active Member

    I did read them both over. I've already got the P-51 fixes.

    Sorry I didn't realize my E-Mail wasn't showing.
  4. Getter1

    Getter1 Active Member

    Well I've tried several files and no dice. It must not be the files rather some kind of software conflict. I've been using Adobe Reader ver. 7 and have never had trouble with it before.

    Dr. Zarkov if you read this can you pease give me some suggestions.
  5. dwgannon

    dwgannon Member

    All the time have been using adobe 6. you might want to try to down grade and see what happens.
  6. jijo

    jijo New Member

    I'll check everything ASAP.
    Emil Zarkov
  7. dwgannon

    dwgannon Member

    Thanks Dr. Z
  8. Bowdenja

    Bowdenja Active Member

    I knew he would fix it when he saw there was a problem. :D

    I too thank you.

  9. jijo

    jijo New Member

    Hi All,
    As I promised, I checked everything about colors of the P-40 files.
    The PDF files seem to be OK by me.
    The problem with difference of printing same colors on different sheets probably is caused from inappropriate settings of the printer’s driver software.
    As a rule the contemporary printer drivers are coming with automatic color correction option switched on. It is useful when you print pictures, taken from digital camera for example, and the result is automatic color balance that makes the printed copy of the picture to look good without treatment by any raster graphics editor software like Photoshop for example.
    But in this case the automatic color correction is not useful.
    The solution of the problem:
    Just switch OFF the automatic color correction in the settings of your printing software.
    Hope that this will help.
    Emil Zarkov
  10. Getter1

    Getter1 Active Member

    Sorry Dr. Z, I switched off the auto color and it made no diffrence :( What PDF viewer do you reccomend using??? Adobe ver. 7 may be my problem here.
  11. Gil

    Gil Active Member

    I may have missed it but what printer is being used..., which print driver version and have you checked to see if there's any updated versions?

  12. jijo

    jijo New Member

    Let's fix the problem in general.
    I'll send you the kit printed on my /practicaly Moshe's/ Tektronix Phaser 750C color laser printer by mail. Please contact me personaly for details:
    Also please let me know when and from where you've purchase the P-40 M kit.
    Emil Zarkov
  13. Bowdenja

    Bowdenja Active Member

    WOW! Service at it's best! Thanks Emil!

    GEEDUBBYA Active Member

    Howdy Guys,

    Now I never even bought this kit, but have been following the storyline and all I can say is: There are some really nice ppl in this world, its great to know that there are those who will "go the extra mile" to keep their customers happy.
    My hat is off to you Dr. Z, It is really good to see people concerned about thier customers as well as the reputation of their own product. I dont really know you, but having seen some of your work and having read your postings, I will say its a pleasure to know as much about you as I do from those two sources, you are a standard bearer in my book when it comes to cardmodeling. Keep up the good work.

    have a good evening all,

    Greg aka GW
  15. shoki2000

    shoki2000 Active Member

    I really don't want to be p-i-t-b here, but what about this unfortunate centerline on all the models?
    I'm not expecting a replacement of every one of them - maybe in the future releases this could be resolved?

    Just a thought.....
  16. dimas Karabas

    dimas Karabas Member

    What centreline are we talking about?
  17. NYC Irish

    NYC Irish Member

    the big black center line that goes through the middle of the fusulage, wing engines, bombs etc of nearly every model. I usually ahve to spend a lot of time deleting that so Yes please do try and get rid of it

    John John
  18. dwgannon

    dwgannon Member

    John, John
    At least with Dr. Z model you can do that.

    Since I just had to rebuild my C: Drive I will upgrade to adobe 7.0 and see if I have the same problem with color. Then I will go back to adobe 6 to see if that clears it up. If so then it's sounds like an Adobe problem not the model it's self.
  19. NYC Irish

    NYC Irish Member least?

    Why should I?

    John John
  20. dwgannon

    dwgannon Member

    Michael, John John
    I believe there is a Forum call bitches and Gripes. Might be a good place to put that last few e-mails so we can get on with solving the color problems and the original intent of the this thread.

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