Color Problem with ModelArt P-40M in 1/32 scale

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by david n, Jul 2, 2005.

  1. david n

    david n New Member

    Has anyone had color issues with this kit? Specifically, of the four sheets of parts, one (#2 with the rear fusilage) differs in color from the other three. The tan color is WAY off, and the green differs just a little. I opened the files in Paint Shop Pro 8, and according to the color picker, the colors are the same in the R/G/B values. I tried replacing the color with PSP8 from one sheet to another, and it made a slight difference, but not enough to really fix the problem.

    Any suggestions?

  2. dwgannon

    dwgannon Member

    I have built this fine Aircraft 3 times and have never seen that problem. I would suggest printing on another printer so you can rule that out.
  3. Gil

    Gil Active Member


    No problem on my end. The models print beautifully and vividly using matte presentation paper.

  4. barry

    barry Active Member


    Are using the same batch of cardboard ?

  5. david n

    david n New Member


    I have tried everything.

    The page with the rear fusilage prints differently than the wings and nose. The olive is slightly less vivid, but the tan is very dull.

    First checks were to change my printer's cartridges. In the end I have printed the pages on two sets of cartridges, and also refilled the ink levels.

    I have printed the sheets all on the same paper, and have tried different paper.

    On the screen the pages look the same. Using Paint Shop Pro 8 the R/G/B numbers for the colors are the same on the different pages although they print differently.

    I used the color picker and fill features to try to change the tan color and oddly the green shade came out better but the tan was largely unchanged.

    I have even tried printing the pages in different orders or individually, as well as consecutively.

    I do not have access to another printer. I have printed all my other models and pictures with no problems on my cheap Lexmark so far.

    I will try to make a color comparison scan to show you what I am dealing with.

    Am really bummed... I have probably printed out 8 kits...
  6. dimas Karabas

    dimas Karabas Member

    Hi David,
    Sorry to hear about your troubles. May be it is the file set up from the manufacturer that is messed up. Send him email stating that you want another kit and that you are having problems printing from this one. They should send you another kit.

    There should be no problems printing from PDF. However, if you start printing from other programs such as Corel, Photoshop, then it might be an issue as all files have to be imported. It is easy to make a mistake in conversion using different setting.

    The other thing is check all of your programs settings. First of all check what setting your program has in terms of whether it uses its own color management or lets the printer determine the colors. In my Photoshop program, I set the setting for Photoshop to manage the colors.

    The second thing, is to check you printer. If you have the same setting each time you print a page. I had some problems with my printer automatically going from Photo quality to regular color quality. This resulted in pages printed in different colors.
    Hope it helps.
  7. david n

    david n New Member

    Have tried contacting the source, but have had no reply to my questions. So, basically I think I am stuck.

    The only thing else I can think of is to possibly take the individual PDF files and somehow make them into one big file and try to balance the color that way.

    Like I said, I have had no problems printing other kits/files. I probably print 20-40 card stock pages per day sometimes. Just this one kit is driving me crazy.
  8. NYC Irish

    NYC Irish Member

    I guess that you never dealth with them before eh?
  9. david n

    david n New Member

    LOL NO....

    I suppose there is a reason why I shouldn't have. I will say the other models are fine...
  10. NYC Irish

    NYC Irish Member

    Most of kits yes are great, If I had the ability to request a designer for a plane I like it would be via Model Art.
    I was very disapointed with the WK and SS1 and when I sent an email to them I got no reply. When the topic came up on a board I expressed my disapointment and the points I brought up were ignored and then blown out of proportion by the MA team... others got back to me off board and agreed with me so I posted my comment...

    I mean the fit is always excellent, I have more than 10 MA kits but...customer service and price really turned me away from them...It just you look at the DN Arizona for $35 and then an MTB Bodry by MA for just under $20......If the single seat kits were levelled out at $10 I might buy them all....but $18.50 is a bit much for not even a printed kit....

    Saying that...I will admit to be looking in detail at the new P51 Mustang....

    John john
  11. david n

    david n New Member

    Picture of my problem

    Here is a scan of a tail piece from one sheet placed on top of the wing from a different sheet... obvious differences, especially in the tan shade.
  12. Bowdenja

    Bowdenja Active Member

  13. david n

    david n New Member

    Yeah I saw that...

    It looks really nice actually. I have thought about it. I liked the US markings on my kit as opposed to Chinese, but the P-40B is a favorite for sure!

    May just give that one a try :idea:
  14. wunwinglow

    wunwinglow Active Member

    David, what file format are the original files? If they are NOT bitmaps, ie some vector format, there could be something going on when PSP translates the file so it can load it. If it is a vector file of some sort, try opening it with a vector program such as Illustrator or Coreldraw. If it is a pdf file, use Adobe Reader or Foxit, for example. See what happens then.

    Tim P
  15. david n

    david n New Member

    They are PDF

    I have opened them with Paint Shop Pro and Adobe and have the same problems. I would like to open them with Photo Studio 5 but it doesnt handle PDF's like Paint Shop Pro does.
  16. wunwinglow

    wunwinglow Active Member

    Hm, sounds bad if you have the same problem in Adobe Reader. A pdf file can contain all sorts of data, vector, bitmap, text and raw data, and lots besides. I wonder what it would look like if opened in Coreldraw. All versions from 9 onwards will open pdf files.

    I was kinda hankering for that P51 too, but now I have Romans whopping great Arizona sprawled across my workbench, I might pass on that for a month or two!

    Tim P
  17. dwgannon

    dwgannon Member

    My scanner is not on my PC but I cut out the tail peice that you are having problems with and printed out one of the wings over layed it and took a picture. My color is not off. If you just bought the model I would contact Dr. Z directly and ask if he updated the model. Since I have had mine for over a year he might have updated it. But I have included the picture.
  18. david n

    david n New Member

    I think I have it taken care ...but I don't know what it was

    Thanks Dave G. Your colors look about like most of mine (except the tail).

    Someone kindly e-mailed me a copy of the PDF's for the kit and I printed from those copies. All of the colors are the same as the tail on my model. Soooooo for now I have one model all in the same color, so I am happy. Will still continue to figure out why my copy varies from page to page. The only thing I can think of is dumping it on a CD and giving it to a friend to print for me on a totally different machine, printer, etc.

    Thanks for all of your help!

    BTW I ordered the other P-40 that was recommended yesterday also :lol:
  19. dimas Karabas

    dimas Karabas Member

    Hi Davdi,
    I am glad things worked out well. My advise do now waist your time on figuring out why the colors were different.

    Concentrate on building the model instead and good luck

    ps. By the way, I think the JPG version has a costom made wheel wells.
    By Mr. Sokolets :
  20. dwgannon

    dwgannon Member

    I am glad to here that. I also have the other one you just purchased. But it's low on the build list for now. But DK is right. Build it. You will will enjoy this build.

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