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    hi all

    i decided to assemble a few ho scale walthers hot metal cars that i bought a few years ago. can anyone tell me what would be the right color to paint them. i need all the help/advice i can get. thanks very much.

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    check out i did a quick search for hot metal car and came up with a few results.and also try the other railroad image sites,there bound to have something.--josh
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    I think most were black, as far as I've ever seen.
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    go to the Peach Creek Shops web site. Look at some of the steel mill tabs and in the archives you will find hot metal cars and all the other things associated with steel mills. The peach creek 4x8 module was featured in recent magazines (RMC or MR or both).
  5. Todd, I spent many years when I worked as a glazier in and around the mills of Northwestern, IN. The times a new or refurbished hot metal car also known as a torpedo car were put in service, they were painted black. But certainly with all the heat burning off the paint, blowing dirt and dust, splashed pig iron from the blast furnace loading & unloading, they turned to mostly rust colored in a jiffy. As long as they were functioning properly, doing their intended job, until the brick inner liner needed relining, they remained in service. So I guess to answer your question, some weathered black and a generous amount of rust with a built up layer of iron splash & spillage around the opening would look quite appropriate. I put together 3 of them a while ago but have yet to paint and weather them accordingly. The main thing is they never look new once being delivered to the mill. Joe
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    Hope this helps..

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    So, observation seems to say: trucks and frame yellow; superstructure black; hot metal tank rusty, except when the whole thing is boxcar red.
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    thanks everyone for all the help on this. gave me a lot of great ideas. just gott get some rust colored paint.

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