Colonial Movers Thread Construction with Detailings and Some Improvements.

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by Gomidefilho, Nov 17, 2007.

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    Yes, yes, more pics. Howz it coming?:mrgreen:
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    I didn't have more time of working with the project, but I promise solemnly to post more some thing on this weekend, they lack two containers still, I will detail the inferior part (adding piping and mechanisms) of all, to leave for the rest of the ship. For the friends to take a look of the one that I intend do in Colonial Movers, it is enough to see my work in Y Wing
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    A few thoughts

    I just wanted to add a few thoughts to the thread. Great build BTW.. It's one of my favourite ships from that show and I'm glad someone is doing such a magnificent job on it.

    Not being critical of the build but with the corrugated metal containers. There are tons of examples out there. I know you are going with the ones seen in the actual model 'ship'. Still I have a few thoughts.

    1. You could layout the ribs of the container on a piece of paper. Simular to that of making hand layed rails (Model Railroading) and then with a piece of tape capture the whole side of ribs. Turn that over and hit it with some spray adhesive and then stick it to the side of the container. This would get all the ribs in the right place at once.

    2. You may want to concider building the ribs in the sheet to begin with. As the ribs are part of the metal in many instances. This would have you add the depth of the ribs to the length of the container. Perhaps that would be a more practical approach if the model is a large scale one. Your's seems perhaps a bit on the small side to attempt that. Still I'm thinking it could work for a larger version if not this one.

    I've been here for a little while now and I have scene many wonderfull things. Models I would never dream of building in plastic are so much better to be built in paper. The reasons have been made pretty obvious to me. With the advent of the computer (design software/Ink Jet Printer) that is even more so by about 1000x's. I'm of the opinion that what ever you can use to achieve the model you wish to build that is what you use. It shouldn't make any difference. So long as you are able to build it your way.

    Keep up the great work and I'm looking forward to seeing more updates.

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