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    Well, after seeing in this forum that everyone is WAAAAY ahead of me, and that i cannot share any technics or tips (coz i dont have any :mrgreen:) i'm sharing the only thing i can: my papercraft links.
    Great pages with lots of diverse models
    great hi detail models from uhu. never mde one myself but im looking forward to it when i get more xp
    hi detail models, including batman's tumbler and back to the future delorean. they look great but they must be really hard to make
    some sci-fi models with star wars and star trek. they look great and are not that hard
    great collection of models including BSG fleet. only asks for a support donation of $5 totally worth it
    a russian page but with GREAT models of WWII tanks
    Real space and sci fi models
    macross/robotech papercraft
    Has a huge collection of helmets and iron man armour papercraft, and a lot a lot of fallout too. worth taking a look
    Star wars models
    Command & conquer papercraft
    A huge collection of homeworld I & II including an over 70cm kushan mothership papercrfat and some real space too.
    Models from the ALIENS frachise Fantasy?&max-results=3
    A lot of final fantasy models
    Blaars papermodels, including a lot of mechwarrior. they are scattered everywhere aroud the web, but he made his mediafire account free to see so you can see al his models in one place
    a lot of scenery from battletech. it can be used for any kind of dioramas
    GI-Joe dioramas. Has a nice collection of objects that can be used with any diorama
    a collection of models. the uss enterprise is a must see
    It has a few models some of them free. i just finisher the MkI viper and it looks good. Im starting the x-wing from here now
    Real aircraft models. The last one is pretty useful bacause it has a lot a underwing weapons to build that can be placed in any models
    some flyable papercraft. not good-looking as models, but fun to play with

    anf for those of us who have a daughter, some paper dollhouses and accesories

    Hope this gets useful
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  2. Scottgate

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    wow!thank you!
  3. Marman

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    The info was really a great resource. I enjoyed browsing the sites. Thank you.
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  5. zathros

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    A must have list. I get worried when people post lists like this because I have to check them out to make sure they are not pirate sites, in this case, I know none of these are. :)
  6. weisswurst

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    Very good list, Thanks
  7. starbuck

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    Great list - thx for sharing.
    Will take time to check them all.
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    hey thanks dude!!! the large scale colonial one is something I like right off the bat

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