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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Why me, Feb 10, 2007.

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    The asylm would be part of the city that I am planning and is loosely modeled on an asylm I worked at in the 80s. It will be served by roads in the city as part of the background.
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    I apologize for reminding you. I didn't know you were of a Slavic backround. I took another first asumption, and I again apologize. I will delete the earlier post now.
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    No problem. No offense was taken and I can understand the assumption.
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    Peace man, Peace.

    Back to the subject, maybe a passenger train of "The-Gauge" line could hold the people from the fourum of the same name?
  6. MadModeler

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    Yes, the passenger train would be a great idea!:thumb:

    I believe Mike's going to be a very busy man!:D
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    I want to be a camel. !!! They have camel figures!! What about monkeys?

  8. liven_letdie

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  9. Why me

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    Will be needing driver and crew for the Califorian Zephyer F3 ABA 3 car set up all with sound plus hudson few others that need drivers will post list no brits want to drive any of my big stuff lol.mike
  10. CCT70

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    Being as how I work on the real WP 805-A Zephyr unit (and have ran it), I'll take the "Driving" responsibilities for the California Zephyr. :wave:
  11. Why me

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    posted in wron place
  12. Why me

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  13. Renovo PPR

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    Sounds like a great idea. I aint agin that. Da last time I went dahntahn I seen a large train setting on da tracks. So use a figger fer me ats setting along da tracks under a nice shade tree. Even if I redd my haus I wouttent have a wall large enough fer a sign that size.

    If yinz can't tell I'm from da picksburg area and can speak da language very fluently.

    Now if yinz place a few Pensivania Rail Road locomotives on da tracks I'll teach yinz hafta mix some picksburg in yinzes Welsh speech.
  14. steamhead

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    If you've got a bearded guy just lounging around looking at trains, that would be me (I do that on weekends...) No beard would be OK too.
  15. Meiriongwril

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    LivenLetDie gets the gold star!:


    It reads 'The little trains of Wales are the best trains in the world' - so pretty close. It refers to the fact that there are many preserved narrow-gauge steam lines in Wales, marketed under the slogan 'The Great Little Trains of Wales'.
    My Avatar has the herald of the late lamented Cambrian Railways (absorbed into the GWR in 1922). Two linked preservation schemes aim to revive portions of the Cambrian (standard gauge this time) as steam lines.

  16. shaygetz

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    A novel idea...if I'm one of those folks, I'd be honored to send the B&MC's emissary, ol' Sternly Hardcase, my LPB alterego setting on the bench in my avatar <<<< Then you'll only have 1,499 more of the little rascals to round up.:thumb:
  17. Why me

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    Hi Bruce You Want To Send Over Any The Little Guys Your Welcome And You Can Chose Where You Want To Live Can Live Castle Live In Job At Brewery Jon From 2 Guys Has A Model Building Named After Him He Need Staff Fred Got His Owm Tranport Company Jim Marksberry Has Model Shop Needs Staff Just To List A Few Plus Train Drivers List Gose Sorry Caps Eyesight Little Sore.mike
  18. CNWman

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    Well, since you seem to be taking requests for the positons of your figures (which, having shaygetz's figure like his avatar, is a pretty good idea), I'd like to be a teen driving a CNW locomotive or a teen driving an F3:D Of course, you don't have to, it's just a sugestion:thumb:
  19. Why me

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    Hi the califorian zephyer is a 3 car set up so if your happy crewing up with cct70 then i think we almost have a full crew .mike look at vid here
  20. Why me

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    Not for getting broadway E7 Needs driver and bachmann balitimore and ohio 44 tunner needs driver

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