Cold war era Regulas I Nuclear "cruise missile"

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    GEEDUBBYA Active Member

    Howdy Guys,

    First off, I need to thank Eric over at He took an idea I had awhile back while visiting the chance-vought heritage page and made it a reality. Then, He sent me advanced copies of his newest model, The submarine launched, cold war era, Regulas I "cruise missile". This missile saw many roles during its lifetime, including service as a conventional weapons delivery system and a nuclear deterrent, as well as a target drone. (Eric aka Scudbusted here in the forum) designed models of all three versions, light blue conventiona, dark blue nuclear tipped and red/orange target drone.
    One other interesting fact-oid about this missile, It was considered for use by the United States Postal Service in a plan to deliver mail guessed it, by missile. It was called missile mail. "On June 8, 1959, in a move a postal official heralded as "of historic significance to the peoples of the entire world," the Navy submarine U.S.S. Barbero fired a guided missile carrying 3,000 letters at the Naval Auxiliary Air Station in Mayport, Florida. Twenty-two minutes later the missile struck its target; its nuclear warhead had been replaced by two official USPS mail containers."
    Anyway, stop by erics site later, he should be posting it today or tomorrow.
  2. Darwin

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    Terrific addition to the kit pool. Who is going to be the first to shrink it to 1:200 and mount it on a ship? Can hardly wait for the kits to be posted.

    GEEDUBBYA Active Member

    Howdy Darwin,
    I had spoke to Eric about that very subject lol I think it would look nice on a sub, but as we talked, that would mean also building the Storage hangar those earlier "missile subs" used. But, I am sure it can be done.

    Have a good evening and check erics site soon and often,

  4. Al hazlet

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    You could put it on the Regulus pad at Point Mugu, or make a static-display version as seen at several Navy Bases (missile on pylons or on launcher/trailer...)

    When I worked at Mugu we launched our aerial targets from what had been the Regulus blockhouse/pad area. Regulus 1 birds were static displays at both Mugu and Barking Sands naval missile test ranges. (Point Mugu also has a Regulus 2).
  5. Darwin

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    Now the sub is one fine idea....a 1:100 scale build becomes possible. I'm not sure what kind of reference material is available for the was pretty tight on that kind of material back in the 50's. I think there were a couple of nuke boats with that feature, which got converted to covert activity missions after the Regulus had its day. Possibly some diesel boats as well. If nothing else, one could always do a fantasy build of Wilhelmshaven's USS Nautilus to convert to a Regulus missle boat. It might be a stretch, but maybe one of the WWII fleet boats could be used. There might not have been an actual prototype, but such a beast would lie in the realm of the feasible.
  6. scudbusted

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    HEY! Let me in on this! :)
    Scudbusted (Eric) here! lol

    The models are up on my NEW- Static display models page. I have some semi ok pics of the sub hangar, and links and info about the subs that carried this lil critter. They took it out only as they were going to launch, and the tail fins were inserted at the last minute. The proper style erection ramp launcher has to be made, and rocket boosters added to the lower sides. I'm pretty new at this still,and am used to designing my toys to fly at sub-sonic pistol bullet speed, so I'm working out the fine fitting aspects still. If any of ya'll have any pics or something- don't hesitate to write! :) Geed- I was going to type up a history on it, but yours is as good or better than what I'd have written! Nice job :)
    models are at
    Eric:) (scudbusted)


  8. k5083

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    The USS Growler is sitting here in NYC on permanent display next to the Intrepid, with a Regulus poised in launch position. Would make a nice model, certainly easily available to research. There are guided tours, don't know how much of a look at the hangar they give you.


    GEEDUBBYA Active Member

    Howdy Guys,

    Well, as Eric said, They are posted! go get em lol. now he has them in .pdo format (pepakura viewer) but I am currently putting them into .pdf and sending them to him. I have the dark blue (nuke) and the red/orange (target drone) converted already and will be converting the light blue in abit after I get settled in from work good this am.
    Now for what the hanger on the tunny class subs looked like for the regulas. I am including a photo of the USS. Barbero which was the launch platform for "missile mail" but the hangars for these missiles were all pretty much the same, somewhat bulky and unsighlty lol.

    Have a good day all, and I will see ya later on,

    Greg aka GW



    GEEDUBBYA Active Member

    Howdy Guys,

    Well, I was speaking with eric this afternoon, delivering the third and final regulas in .pdf format and made mention that I submitted his site to link page. and he told me that ..........(and this is an excerpt from his email)....."I just checked- I put a counter on that page andhad I think 5-9 hits at 6:30-45 this morning. Right now- since about 6:30-45 this morning- the Regulas page count is 227"....
    Well, since then, this was about 3:00 pm , this page has recieved 383 hits. All but 9 since 6:45 am this morning. Like I told him, This kit is a hit, I never new a card model rocket could "take off" so fast. lol I know, bad joke, but he musta done something right. Anyway, good work Eric. I am starting on the red/orange target drone now and trying to figure out how to put wheels on it.

    Have a good day all,

  12. NYC Irish

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    Isnt there one of this missiles on te Growler beside the Intrepid back in NYC...Try waking up every morning to go to College with that pointed at your apartment window...Inert or not its a great insentive to get out of bed early in my book

    John John

    GEEDUBBYA Active Member

    Howdy John,

    Nothing like waking to find a nuclear capable cruise missile pointing at you to start off your day huh? I bet that is better than any cup of coffee as far as waking you up.
    I was over at Erics site and noticed that since yesterday am, he has had 983 hits on his site for this missile and others including his scuds and patriots. He doesnt mention it on his site, but those two models can also be made for static display purposes. They are all card models, not paper towel tube rockets like the old estes, but rockets that are built like you would buid any card model. I think the fact they are capable of flight may cause some to think they arent static display material, but they are. So he offers the best of both worlds.
    Have a good day all,

  14. Bowdenja

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    Already downloaded the Regulas......will build VERY soon........... is there a card model of the Snark? This would a nice addition to the Regulas..............(hint)(hint)

    GEEDUBBYA Active Member

    Howdy Bowdenja,

    Well, as we speak, I am looking over the line drawings to the Regulas II Supersonic (mach 2 plus) cruise missile. Also made by chance-vought aircraft. I think Eric also has these drawings and possibly looking them over too. We have talked back and forth thru email about this missile.
    If you would like to look over the line drawings click this link there are drawings for tons of aircraft including the regulas I and II and some other "odd" aircraft.
    I am "fiddling" around with a design for a firebee drone, another supersonic missile. As for the snark, I like that one too and am thinking about it as a model. here are some photos below of the regulas II the Snark and the firebee
  16. Al hazlet

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    You have the wrong firebee there, GW. That's the subsonic bird I used to work on, most likely a BQM-34S if its a new picture. It looks like the flight line at Point Mugu, with the DC-130 posed for beauty shots with a drone under the wing. I worked on these and on BQM-74 targets.

    The High Speed version is the BQM-34E, F, or T Firebee II. It has the same general shape but thinner and more stretched out fore and aft. It really wasn't that much faster, especially with the fuel tank added...

    If you want a FAST target, they flew (and may still fly) Vandal targets at Mugu and Barking Sands -- these are drone target versions of the old airbreathing ramjet Talos missile (Mach 4 missiles!). We always envied the Vandal crews -- no cleanup after flight, because you don't recover them. If they didn't get hit, they were commanded to radically turn in flight, which caused them to break up, or dove into the sea and destroyed themselves...
  17. Al hazlet

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    GEEDUBBYA Active Member

    Thanks Al,

    And yes, you are right, I had been gathering the pics while I was typing the above post, and I knew that it wasnt supersonic, I had just read an article on the regulas II, and thats the only place I can think of that cause me to type supersonic when I should have said subsonic.
    Thanks for link too, I have been gathering info from various places one is which shows most all of the teledyne drones, there are a ton of em all sizes, but for the most part, the shapes are all similar although there are a few that are different including one that reminds me of the cessna skymaster in a way (model 410).
    Again, ty for correcting me and for the link, I like to have all the info I can,

  19. scudbusted

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    Well, since someone asked, The SNARK is up next, and while I'm at it, probably the REGULUS-2. ANyone who has any good pics- and ESPECIALLY scale line drawings- please contact me! if ya'll got any other similarities- send them along too! :)

    oh by the way- I just released another flying rocket- it's not a scale model though:)
    (scudbusted) lol
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