Code 40 Low Profile Wheels and Locos

Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by ScratchyAngel, May 2, 2008.

  1. ScratchyAngel

    ScratchyAngel Member

    I've been thinking about using Micro Engineering Code 40 track for my layout. I plan on hand-laying, but I got a piece of flex-track to test it out and see if it was something I'd want to go with. My Intermountain cars, cars with low-profile MT wheels, et cetera roll on it as smooth as glass. As expected the bigger MT and Atlas wheels clatter like a jackpot wheel at a school fair.

    I don't have any problem with going ahead with either the Fox Valley wheels (or the relatively cheaper MT low profile wheel packs), but I'm not sure what I'd do for the locos.

    Does anyone else run Code 40 for more than a siding or two here? Is it difficult to find wheel replacements if the locos clatter too much?

    I may be able to live with Code 55 if it winds up being too much, but I love the way those tiny rails look...

  2. Boilerman

    Boilerman Member

    Most but not all of the newer locos come with RP-25 wheels (Low-profile Flanges) and the ones that do should operate OK on the code 40 track.
  3. spikey

    spikey New Member

    I have a layout under construction using handlaid code40. Currently my rolling stock is just an Atlas GP7 (ca 1995 I think), several stock Micro-Trains boxcars, and an old caboose from a flea-market grab bag labelled "MRC Yugoslavia". All of it runs without any trouble. The clattering you got was caused by the molded spikes on the flex track you used. I glue my rail down so there's no spikes, and the height of the code 40 rail appears to be sufficient for the equipment I have right now, anyway.
  4. ScratchyAngel

    ScratchyAngel Member

    Yeah, I was using a piece of flex-track figuring that it would have to be worst-case with the molded "spikes". So far a Life-Like SW8 and a GP-18 have run on it without issue. I'm waiting for an Atlas U23B to test on it too, but I imagine it'll be a non-issue.

    Now if I could just find a place to cram the speaker on an MRC 1636 into the GP-18 I'd be a happy camper :)
  5. RH434

    RH434 New Member

    Same problem....

    When I switched to N I decided to do all code 40, mains, everything. Looks great! I quickly found out about the flanges hitting the spikes too. I used the MT wheelsets on all my cars. Never had any trouble with any locos. I have several different mfr's Atlas, MT, etc.

    IMHO it was worth the investment.
  6. babbo_enzo

    babbo_enzo New Member

    I've planned the sidings using ME code 40 flex and mainline with ME 55.
    testing several steams that's are the bad news (or the half empy bottle?):
    - ConCor GS4 = OK
    - Kato GS4 = NO (jumping a little over spikes)
    - Kato NW2 diesel and PA1 = OK
    - Model Power (ALL STEAM: Pacifics, Mikado, Moguls )=NO (jumping a lot!)- - Bachmann Consolidation= OK
    - Bachmann Challenger = NO (just a little)
    - Walthers Berkshire = OK
    - Atlas Shay = NO + NO
    And now? I'm thinking about cutting internal spikes after glue down tracks?
    Just my 2 cents
    Enzo Fortuna (modelling Espee in Italy)
  7. ScratchyAngel

    ScratchyAngel Member

    Thanks for the updates. So far on straight flex track no noticeable jumping here with an Atlas U25B, Life-Like GP18 and SW1200, so I think I'll be ok loco-wise. I'm still not sure what possessed me to buy a Roundhouse 2-8-0, but when it gets here I'll check it out on it too.
  8. zener

    zener New Member

    What about the eruopean models?

    Does anyone know if the European models are fine with code 40 or need code 55? I'd be looking at doing some traction soon and see the European trains as my only option there. Also, forgive my newness, but it sounds like code 55 works fine for everything, code 40 is just more realistic looking.

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