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Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by dansls1, Jun 15, 2007.

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    One of the things I've seen around are larger scale models of just cockpits from planes. Given the detail in the Halinski and similar kits that gets hidden away in such a small plane - it would certainly lead to doing a scale-up build of just the cockpit. I searched and didn't see anything similar around here. Has anybody tried to do anything like this with paper (or are there even kits out there I've missed)?
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    That is a really great idea! 1/6 scale cockpit of your favorite plane - that would be awesome to have. hmmmmm maybe when I move past recolors..... :D and who knows when that will be.....
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    Great resource!! Now I can build all those kits that don't have cockpits.

    Chris, Perhaps we could add this link to the resource forum?
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    Thanks for the link paperbeam - cool site.
    I know my dad did either an F4 or F15 plastic cockpit kit a while back, so it's not an entirely new idea - but maybe for paper.
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    Excellent find. Great website!!
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    As a way of making room for more models in my office, I've thought seriously about scaling up some of GPM kits to about 1/16 and building them as partial airframes (just the nose/cabin section of an he-111, for example), and mounting them on wall-plaques. I've made some test builds to shape but haven't done anything more. Now you have me thinking again--not always a good thing.
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    Er, sorry about that :grin:
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    While I was detailing the cockpit of a (plastic) P-40C I built for a friend, I ran across a web site which contained models of the cockpits of various aircraft. Some were truly spectacular!

    Unfortunately, I can't come up with the url, but I found it while googling for pix for detailing the P-40C.

    Hope some of you can find it. The models showed all 4 sides of the cockpit as well as the floor and all in the correct colors.

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    LOL Talk about 'Great Minds' :), only last month I purchased some original Spitfire drawings with which I was going make a 1/24th scale anatomical model of a Mk.V.
    While searching for references I came across this site http://www.simhardware.org/index.html
    I am so impressed with Daves work and there are heaps of ref's in the one spot that I decided to do the same thing at 1/16th scale using card as the primary material. The attached drawing shows the model area. Though this is a Mk.I drawing and I am making a Mk.V there isn't much difference in the general arrangement.
    I am using Rhino3D to draw everything full-size as per the factory spec's. At this time I am working on the engine bulkhead (frame 5) and its related parts: the upper and lower stub spar booms, front and rear spar web plates and the armour plates. I can't tell you how great it is to have accurate dimensions to work with, though it's a slow process as my computer time is limited due to working for a living and having kids in high school.

    dansls1 The Arizona Models link was very handy thanks M8. ;)
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    Please keep me in mind when you get to a beta build stage ;). Depending on the timing and my model schedule, it's possibly I may have done an upscale of the 1/33 Halinski Mustang by that point (the Mustang is more of a separate structure than the Spitfire so I think it'd be better to start with anyway). Even so - this is something that intrigues me and depending on real life I'd be willing to give your build a go - it sounds like a cool project.
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    dansls1 I sent you a PM. :)

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