cobbled tramline display

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    i thoght id share this its the first of a number of diorama/display bases for models this is for the r-17 drasine but i can use it for any of the smaller drasines or vehicles its based on the cover of the r-17 model
    its an mdf base with 2mm foamcore,topped by air dry fibre reinforced clay..what do you think its still needs a tidy up and painting yet then i can think about accssoreis :yep:

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    ive now made a second version of this with a number of improvements foamcore is not sutable for the clay as its spongey and leads to cracking so i used oil primed greybord for the second and made the whole thing alot more atheticly pleasing ill post photos if anyones interested
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    That's sweet. How did you make / stamp the cobbles? Can almost hear the sound of clogs and horses hoofs!

    Is it 1:35?

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    Nice! Yes, how did you make the cobble pattern. Now to make a paper cast off it...,


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    1:25 i used a rectangle of card which i painted with an enamel to keep it from distorting with the moisture i was working from a photo of a tramline from somewere in europe (the model this was intended for is polish)which had about 3 and a half blocks arcross the center used this fact to determine the size of the blocks i scale by using the pre-printed base for the model scanned and glued to the basebord this tells me were the rails go and are key to the scale
    this is a shot of the second version with a mid-grey basecoat its painted with oils so it will take a few days to dry then i can finish up the painting and add the rails

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