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  1. gmbrd

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    I jst completed a campbell kit. The coaling station. Where does one put such a large structure? Close to the engine maintenance buildings? Your thoughts please.
  2. Vic

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    In a yard area the coaling station/tower would be placed in the engine service aera, at or near the water tank, ash pit, and the sandhouse and usually on the same track as them. Often this was on a spur coming off the lead track to the turntable. The spur would be double ended so that the loco having left the roundhouse could be fueled, watered, sanded, lubricated and cleaned out before proceeding to its assigned run.
  3. gmbrd

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    Thank you vic. That was beautifully said and answered the question perfectly! Thanks again.
  4. TR-Flyer

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    Were coaling towers, sanding towers and such ever used on sidings away from a main yard? I'd like to add these to my modules but would like to know if it was done, and, if done, what were the likely forms these structures would take in the post WWII era.
  5. Vic

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    Hi Ted, Most definetly they were, especially water tanks. It was amazing how many tons of coal and thousands of gallons of water a steam loco would "eat and drink" in a 100 miles. Sometimes they were located line side on the main line in small towns or they would just be out in the middle of nowhere. Usually a line side water tank had some sort of pump house associated with it too. A line side coal tower had a stub siding that ran behind it to facilitate the loading of coal into it.

    The railroads just didn't place these facilities "helter skelter". They were planned out based on the types of locos they used and the grade and tonnage hauled and some other factors.

    So if you're thinking about placing some of these structures in places other than in a yard/engine facility then you're "right on the money" with the prototypes.
  6. TR-Flyer

    TR-Flyer Member

    Hi Vic:
    Thanks for the reply. I'll look on the web and see what i can find about line side installations.

  7. Vic

    Vic Active Member

    Hi Ted, Here's a picture of a D&RGW tank out in the middle of nowhere!!:D If you look closely you'll see that the train is pulling a long grade and will have to take on more water.

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  8. Clerk

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    When I worked for the SP back in the late 50's and early 60's. I worked and had a house in a little place called Perez, Cal. It was mostly section gang houseing there and a siding. We had a water tank just like the one pictured above off the siding and the cab forward steam engine coming out of Alturas as helper would sit outside our wondow and huff and puff and clank while taking on water and wait for the train it was to help over the hill. I didn't own a camara then and kicked myself several times for not having one.
    In fact, that water tank supplied all the water for the houseing in the area and it was always cool and very good.
  9. TR-Flyer

    TR-Flyer Member

    Thanks so much for the photo. Saved it for reference during my work on the siding. It'll be after the first of the year before i can start on this project. STILL trying to get the holiday layout completed, but may have more questions, and will post pics of what it ends up looking like.
  10. justind

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    Looks like part of the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic RR...was supposed to ride that last summer (as I have said before :( ) but they closed it for fear of fires. I like the sympathy...;)

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