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  1. COX 47

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    Any body have any plans or ideas for a very small coal mine 1 track small layout 2by 3 Want something with a southeat us look Sratch kitbash I'm open as long as its small and cheap Thanks Cox 47
  2. jim currie

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    what scale ?
  3. COX 47

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    N Scale Cox 47
  4. Muddy Creek

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    Not all northern mines had the luxury of a rail spur running up to the mine and I suspect the same is true in the southeast. There were lots of small coal operations with truck-dump loading operations at rail sidings. Trucks might back (carefully) onto a platform and dump directly into the hoppers or simply on the ground where a front end loader would push coal onto a simple moveable conveyer.

    If space is at a premium, the mine could be represented by a small flat off in the distance or simply by a dirt road heading off into the hills with an empty truck heading off for another load.

    Here's an example of a nice scene in a compact space:

  5. COX 47

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    WOW!!! Thanks Wayne You gave me a bunch of good ideas. You have a great layout Thanks COX 47
  6. Muddy Creek

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    Don't I wish. I'm afraid I can't take credit for it though. It's one of the layouts that I had bookmarked. It's a good example of a little track-side industry that generates traffic without taking up much room.

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  8. Russ Bellinis

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    I model Santa Fe in So Cal, so I'm not familier with Appalachia coal ops, but I think some of those dump truck ramps were used like team tracks to be shared by a number of small coal mining operations. It would seem you might find a number of ramps to simultaneously fill a small cut of cars. I'm just using some logical guessing here. Some of our Appalachia modelers will know more about this than me.

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