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    here are some pics of the underground mine i worked at the first is a feeder that dumps the coal on the belt the second is a shuttel car takes coal from face to feeder the next two are of the long wall it is a 750 ft long face.the last one is not from mine i worked but is from a older small mine that mover the coal by belt line but men and supplys were moved by rail.

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  2. babydot94513

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    Very nice. My FIL worked in the iron ore mines in Ely, Minnesota and I wish I had photos of their operations from a family members perspective.

  3. Chessie6459

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    Those are some nice pictures jim. Thanks for sharing them with us here. :wave: :wave: :D :D
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    Freaky! Sorry, those are some great pictures, but they just give me the creaps! :eek:

    I had the oportunity to go down 1500 ft in the Ontario Silver Mine, in Park City, Utah. It was awesome! Especially the train that was used to haul the coal, and workers. It was quite an experience. I couldn't ever imagine working in one though. Paranoid just thinking the whole thing would flood, or collapse.

    Did you have any close calls? Or maybe some good stories?

  5. ezdays

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    Thanks for sharing those with us Jim. Some of my ancestors had worked in the coal mines in Pensylvaina a good 100 years ago. I doubt that they had much more than picks and shovels and a bit of dynamite to work with.
  6. Matthyro

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    It is interesting to see what it is like undergound. Thanks Jim

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