coal mine module / layout Pics Please !

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  1. cruikshank

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    I don't have the room for a full O scale layout, but I have a Reading Docksider, and the K-line Plymouth Diesel with Reading Coal Cars. So I would like to build a Module, or small layout based on a coal mine. I would be interested in seeing what you may have done. If you scratchbuilt a Breaker what materials did you use ? Thanks in advance for any ideas. Dave
  2. wrmcclellan

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  3. cruikshank

    cruikshank New Member

    Thanks, I know the breaker that was modeled after. I was really a hollywood set, built in an old coal mining town in PA. It looks pretty realstic in person, but it is falling apart. His model is very nice and a good copy of it. Dave
  4. Gil Finn

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    Jack Yeager built a breaker on a large layout and it is still in his shop.

    I was there this weekrnd and thought of this thread.

    I will return and take some photos for you.

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