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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by Troy, Dec 29, 2003.

  1. Troy

    Troy Member

    Ive almost completed my "Ratio" Coal Merchants kit but havent attached the
    rear drainpipes or weathered the concrete steps at the back yet. I have never used decals before and I ruined one of the two. I got
    them onto the building ok but I decided to seal them in Testors Dullcote and the Dullcote caused the decal to bubble and dissolve. Luckily I didn't apply as much to the other side and it didnt dissolve but now the edges of the decal stand out more than ever and its all yellow and blistered. Arrgh! You can see it in the photo below...
    I wonder if "Ratio & Wills" sell just the decals for their kits so I can have another go at it?
    Anyway, here is a couple of pics....



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  2. Troy

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  3. Troy

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    Last one....

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  4. Arlaghan

    Arlaghan Member

    Wow! Very nice!
  5. davidstrains

    davidstrains Active Member

    Nice work. The photos of your work look fine. I like that little shed. I may need to find one of those for my engine yard.:) :)
  6. 60103

    60103 Pooh Bah

    Troy: what sort of Dullcote were you using, spray or brush? (I'm not sure if it makes a difference.) You now have a chance to try weathering on the end. I know their decals may react stangely to things like Solvaset. They also produce odd things like Pressfix (tm) and Methfix (tm) transfers.
    David: Check the
    BRMNA website (BritishRailway Modelers in North America for dealers over here who handle Ratio/Wills. I know the ones in Ontario, but there are some all over the U.S. as well,
  7. CNR

    CNR New Member

    I would try weathering on the ends of the building, to see if you can blend the decal in. Do keep in mind that it is a coal dealer, and as such, there would be a lot of coal dust floating about; the walls would likely be well streaked with it. In addition, the roof of the structure appears to be corrugated steel, and therefore, there would likely be some rust streaking from this as well.
  8. Agatheron

    Agatheron Member

    My experience with Dullcote and decals have to do with the amount of moisture still present on the model when you apply the dullcote. If the decal has had a chance to fully dry and cure on the model, you shouldn't have much problem. BUT if you apply the decal, and then dullcote, even a few hours after applying it it could ruin the decal.

    My suggestion is to apply the decals and weathering, and then let it sit for a day or two before applying the dullcote in a spray...

    I may be a newbie to model railroading, but this is something I DO have expereince with in my other miniatures hobby. :)
  9. Ralph

    Ralph's for fun!

    That's a very interesting looking structure! Nicely done!
  10. Matthyro

    Matthyro Will always be re-membered

    Good loolin' buildings Troy. Hope you can find some replacement decals
  11. Troy

    Troy Member

    Thanks everyone. The decal has settled in a bit better overnight and doesnt look too out of place now. I will weather both sides some more as suggested by CNR.

    60103 asked what type I of Dullcote I used... It was the spray type...

    And thanks Agatheron, I didnt leave it overnight before applying the Dullcote. It was more like 3-4hrs. I will know not to do that next time. The decals that I have applied successfully in the past have had atleast a night to cure before applying the Dullcote so that would explain why they worked without any problems.



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