Coal and Trains

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    This is a very interesting site for several reasons; first there is the history of the Cherry Mine disaster then there is some great history and photographs of the C.M. & ST. P. RR.
    [FONT=&quot]The coal from this mine was used primarily for the steam locomotives of the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railroad. Read how one man went back in time to create a HO layout of the Cherry Mine.

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    Very sobering and interesting. I've flown in combat, but the thought of entering a mine day in and day out really rattles me. I admire all those who have and still do go into the mines. It's amazing that you don't hear about this disaster much if at all.
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    I could never do it either,of course back then I wouldn't have had a choice most likely.

    Interesting story and very somber.Strange,when I think of St. Paul I don't think coal I think grains,produce and timber.It's weird to me that there was a coal mining co. in St. Paul.


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