CN units on maneuvers in Sussex

Discussion in 'The Real Thing- North America' started by Pete, May 23, 2003.

  1. Pete

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    CN units 5746, an SD75I and 2509, a Dash 9 backing downgrade to cross Maple Street in Sussex, New Brunswick.

    Back up onto the main with an NSC(?) covered hopper in tow, likely from the Shur-Gain feed mill.

    Clear of the switch, the brakeman throws and secures the points while the lead unit holds up traffic at the Morrow Avenue crossing.

    Heading back to join the rest of the consist, which was left a couple miles back down the line.

    I didn't plan to wait for them to return, so I grabbed a couple pics of an old CN caboose sitting in nearby Princess Louise park. It's sitting in front of the old station from Apohaqi which was moved up to the site many years ago.


  2. interurban

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    I like C N

    Hi Pete, nice C N shots. I see all the snow has gone and the grass is still green:D
    Good pic of the C N Caboos, not many around these days.;)

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