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    Was working the other night and was down by the tracks, I was a set of lights approaching so decided to see the CN or Cp freight rumble through.
    As it got closer I noticed that it was not waisting any time, going faster that most freights, and as it got up to me I noticed that the front end was round. I took a closer look as it passed and it was what appeared to be two yes two, E7's or E8's, with the CN noodle on the front, a 45 degree large band on the side behind the cab area and some CN lettering on the side. Behind these was a short stainless what appeared to be baggage car, a few old time CN coaches, couple more stainless cars, think they were sleeper and diner, then at the end was a exec car with the large rear window. Through the back window there were several people sitting enjoying the ride. As I mentioned it completely threw me and by the time I realized what it was The engines had passed far enought that I was unable to read the numbers. On to the phone to my contacts at CN dispatch who advise that this is the new exec train, they purchaces two E8's from a US line and along with a gathering of passenger cars, coupled it to their exec car, now the bosses have a train to ride on. They could not say how long it was going to be hanging around or when/where it would be moving again but would be interested in seeing that one again...keep your eyes open all, nostalga comming down the tracks..
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    Now, how do we convince CN that Gauge Industries is a customer worth wooing with a train ride?
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    Here's part of the CN Executive train in 1999 in Winnipeg: only 4 cars, names as follows: Gatineau, Courier Des Bois, Tawaw, and Sanford Fleming. I was informed that this train was going "back east" on a freight that night. Maybe these are some of the cast you saw. I live right by the CN main and if these changed the train, adding those engines, I haven't seen it.....These were hidden out in the CN freight yards, BTW, with plenty of security! I got the photos with permission from the foreman while the cars were being serviced.

    Paul McDougald.

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    Last time I saw those cars, they were all in VIA blue.
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    Welcome to the Gauge fp9er. Thanks for posting the photos.
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    Great pix Paul!!! And welcome to the Gauge!!!

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    Thanks, all, for the welcome to The Guage! I model in N scale and do both CN and CP steam/diesel transition era. As I mentioned I live right by the CN main here in Winnipeg so CN is what I see most of. And I really enjoy reading the postings and viewing the photos in this forum....! BTW I've modelled in G, HO and N scale at one time or another--not necessarily in that order. Also have a small logging operation on my present layout...Lots of info in the other forums here!

    Paul McD.

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