CN Coaling Towers (Wood or Concrete)

Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by tbrown, Jan 25, 2008.

  1. tbrown

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    Help! Need plans,sketches,photos of CN coaling towers. I prefer to scratch build in either styrene or wood. Can't find a decent kit on the market. I model in HO, but other scales plans will suffice.
  2. rogerw

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  3. tbrown

    tbrown tilley2

    CN Coaling Towers

    Tks rogerw. :thumb: This a good site. Some great pictures. Would still like to obtain some plans
  4. MasonJar

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    What kind of tower are you looking for?

    The TLA link (currently the first one) provided by rogerw links to a wood coaling tower. What kind of tower are you looking for?

    Ian Wilson (author of the CN "Steam..." series of books) has a partially completed concrete tower build on his blog -> Canadian Branchline Miniatures Look for the "Washago" entries.

    Hope that helps. And welcome to The Gauge!

  5. tbrown

    tbrown tilley2

    CN Coaling Towers

    Tks Mason Jar,

    Looking for small branchline tower and also one for my small service yard (both single track).
    J.R. Models had a small kit, but the instructions were something to be desired (very hard to understand). I think this company is out of business.
  6. Squidbait

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    You mean the log and razor blade kit? sign1

    He was a nice guy, had decent plans, but the lumber in those kits was something else!

    While not CN per se, Kanamodel has a nice CP coaling tower kit:

    The Walthers concrete coaling tower is similar to ones I've seen on the CN right-of way, like at Aylmer ON... although that was technically the Wabash...
  7. RonP

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    This is a big CN coaling tower from the winnipeg yards.

    I don't know if i put in the measurements but i found it in a 1980's copy of railroad model craftsman they sell back copies now too.
  8. stuart_canada

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    ther is a big coaling tower at the base of the CN Tower near the round house....i am sure there are pics on line here some where
  9. WReid

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    The Febuary 1964 Model railroader magazine had an article starting on page 56 all about the CNR coal bunker in Brandon Manitoba. The same coal bunker that Kanamodel made a limited run kit for a few years back. I had two of those kits and regret selling them now.wall1

    The article in the 1964 Model Railroader shows one the writer scratchbuilt as well as complete drawings of the coal bunker and sandhouse. The scale of the drawings is 3.5mm = 1 foot. The article does not say but if I remember right it is a 100 ton coal bunker. The real one had a foot print of 31x38 feet and stood 65 feet tall.

    Wayne Reid
  10. tbrown

    tbrown tilley2

    Tks Wayne.
    This is exactly what I need :thumb:. I will try to find a copy of the February 1964 issue of MR. If anyone out there has one, I will gladly pay for a photocopy of the article. I will pay all costs.
    To bad you sold those kits, probably worth a good price right now.
  11. WReid

    WReid Member

    I went took a look in my Model Railroader magazine collect last night as I was sure I had that issue. I have made a point of collecting and Model Railroader issues that had Canadian content. The good news is I do have that one. I am also sure I have a photo copy of it as well as a buddy was looking for a copy a year ago but after I had made one he called and said he did not need it anymore. He decided to stick with modelling CN diesels instead. I am sure the copy is still in my desk.
    So if you would like a copy send me a PM with your mailing address and I will drop one in the mail.

    Wayne Reid
  12. tbrown

    tbrown tilley2

    Hi Wayne, fantastic news, however how do I send a PM ? I am new to this.
  13. tbrown

    tbrown tilley2

    Hi again Wayne, got it figered out (I hope). Have sent PM, hope it works.
    So far this Thread is great !
  14. WReid

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    I got your PM and sent you a reply via your email you provided. I will get the copy of the article in the mail to you right away.

    Wayne Reid
  15. Squidbait

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    I was looking for this pic at the time this thread was current...

    I'm not sure if the tower was built by CN or by the Wabash... since it was on the Canada Air Line (later CN Cayuga sub) at Aylmer ON. But it's a nice, modelable size.

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  16. tbrown

    tbrown tilley2

    Txs Squidbait.:thumb: Nice picture. Since my first post I have received a very good article from Wayne Reid and also have found quite a lot of pictures and drawings of various water tower/tanks. I am putting together a composite of the ones that appeal to my liking.
    Note: when searching the web, it helps to look for "railroad water tanks" as well as "railway water towers". We must be biligual in both American and Canadian railway/railroad language.
    Thanks again:wave:
  17. Squidbait

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    You're welcome. I have a few more pix if you're interested. I was thinking of modelling it, it's one of about a hundred things on my 'round 'tuit list. ;)

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