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Discussion in 'The Real Thing- North America' started by CN1, May 7, 2003.

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    Hi CN1 , no I don`t know of any model of Victoria bridge.
    That`s a neat link thanks.
    Are you gonna try it?:D :D :p
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    kinda. Space is the obvious problem. Next it's the "raising" portion of the bridge. Of course with lots of effort it's possible.

    Mys space dedicated to the bridge is severly limited. I have about 24 inches to play with, wich is not much. I will try to represent it as best as I can.

    I would be very interested to know if someone did it in full scale.
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    Doesn't it rotate? I haven't seen it for years, so I can't remember. Doesn't Buster Keaton do something funny on it in Railrodder ?
    And didn't thay derail a train all over it this week?
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    It rises up to allow ships to go through the locks.

    There was a derailment this week. A faulty turnout broke off and a few container cars derailed.

    I never seen anything on this bridge in MR or other magazine. It's unfortunate since it's quite an engineering feat. The bridge is over 100 years old! 2 main lines, 2 roadway and 2 portions of the bridge that rises up. I remember passing throught it as a kid, but that's ions ago. The last time I saw it must have been 10-15 years ago!

    check these sites:
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    A very interesting bridge CN1. I drove through Montreal last summer pulling a 24ft. trailer and with the amount of traffic, I didn't have time to look at anything but the road. It would be wonderful to build a model of it but as it is so huge, I could only build part of it. The limits of model railroading EH!

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