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  1. artur_p

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    Hi guys I'm trying to find more info and pictures of the Canadian National ALCo PA-1 Demonstrators 9077 and 9078
    I'm going to build a model in HO scale of both PA units, any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Squidbait

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    If you can find a copy of Rail Canada Volume 1 (Donald C. Lewis, LPD Publishing, Vancouver, BC, 1975, ISBN 0-920264-09-3), it has the paint details for the PA-1's when they demonstrated on CN.

    I believe the Accu-cals for Canadian National green and gold locos had the Alco and GE logos, but I'll have to rummage and look.

    You can also try asking the CNLines SIG on Yahoo groups
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    hi artur_p ---welcome to the gauge---even though the cn did not keep the pa demonstrators,here's a picture of the "what IF" version that doctor wayne created for me starting with an undecorated P2K---sorry i don't have anything in the original green and gold

  4. Squidbait

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    Here's a pic of the scheme on an FA1... it would have been similar to this.

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  5. artur_p

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    Thanks guys, great looking model really good job on that PA-1. do you have more pictures, thanks.
  6. Squidbait

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    Good pics of the PA-1's on CN are like hen's teeth. They were only around for a few months, and then off to another railroad. The best pics I've seen are in that LPD publishing book. If you're going to do a lot of CN painting, it's a very good resource, although fairly pricey now. You might find a used copy at a MRR flea market, or someone around you might have one. Mine's buried in a storage locker, otherwise I'd scan a couple of pics for you.
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    lol squitbait,nice avatar (robot chicken,best show!) :D also,atur nice choice to go with an alco pa1! :D :D

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