Cmdrted's method for vacuumforming canopies

Discussion in 'Tips, Tutorials & Tools' started by Renaud, Dec 19, 2005.

  1. cecil_severs

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    Well now that I got a shop vac for Xmas I'm going to just have to play around with this vacuform idea. BTW, I'm gonna guess that cmdr-ted might just be one of the Lost Planet Airmen of cmdr-cody fame. Just kidding, tho I couldn't help but make a connection to long ago days in Austin Tx.

  2. dwgannon

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    New link to check out.
    Folks, for those out there that are just not skilled at using power tools, to lazy to build some thing or have a wife that will not let you near a power tool. I fond this link. I looked it over and have decided that 149.00 bucks I can get the vacume former and not have to build any thing. Just thought I would share.
  3. cmdrted

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    DW, That's where I got the idea for the box, I would pass on the extra sheets though, that price is way to steep for what you can get out there. has bigger sheets for a heck ova lot less. And if you google up plastics you can get a 4x8 sheet fairly cheap also. The micromark way ends up costing @25c a canopy, the big sheet @10c. Heck with their plastic it's cheaper to buy a premade one!
  4. dwgannon

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    Thank's for the heads up on the sheets. I was going to build my own just as you did. But since we moved, every thing but the most basic stuff is still in boxes. My wife said, she was not unpacking until we get a new house and move out of the rental. She gave me the heads up to go ahead and buy one. I do like the the one you posted. I did buy the Sculpey clay and have made some forms. I am getting ready to build another P-51D mustang. Since I tossed all the models I had built when I moved. I get to now start all over. Now that you have sold me on where to get the sheets of plastic at a far cheaper rate. I will now go for the 8x10 box. My wife said she could find a few uses for it also. She likes the idea of making her own molds for her clay projects. :)
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    I have taken the first two pages of posts by you and put them into a comprehensive PDF file with pictures. Would you like a copy of the PDF "Vacuform Techniques" to post to the forum?
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    please post it to the reserves with a title the same format I have been using. If you prefer to email it to me and have me post it up please send me a private message :) this is one I planned on doing :). Also please make sure that you include his forum name in the title of the document beause we have more than one vacuforing technique that will eventually be in the reserves :) I gotta get off my butt and make some more.
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    PDF of Self Contained Vacu-Form

    Here is a PDF of a complete vacu-form. Heating element can be an electric barb-q, toaster oven, hot-plate, etc..

    Not the best quality, hopefully it shows well enough to get the general idea.

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