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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by RonP, Dec 5, 2007.

  1. RonP

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    Great posts everyone.
    Clubbing is turning out for me anyways to be far better then i could've imagined. I often thought while on my own layout "if only i could afford" well with a group of guys thats possible, whatever it may be...
  2. RonP

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    I dont know if youtube links work here but ill try anyways. might have to pull it out in an edit. Anyways the club permanent layout is going strong. Strong enough to meet one of the milestones in its development.

    We ran a huge train on the main line. We actually added cars till it stalled out on the 2%+/- grade.

    YouTube - Wmrc Permanent Layout First Run

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  3. Isambard

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    Have a look at our website galleries section and you'll find several photos showing our dam module - West Island Modular Railroad Club
  4. ocalicreek

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    Re: Dams...

    I know a fellow in Florida who is planning on including one, also to hide some hidden track, I believe.

    Ditto on the OCMR, except I was one of the infamous 'black diesel bunch', in that I was a N&W fan (the others were NS and PC). Never actually ran any black diesels, but my VGN diesel made a few laps on the modular setups.
  5. GN.2-6-8-0

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    Here at the Arizona model railroading society we have three scales.
    N H.O & G with a membership aound 100 people things are always going on. and if that not enough we have the Maricopa Live Steamers right across the driveway with close to 10 miles of 7 1/2" gauge track laid. visit us at AMRS_main_page.htm>

    And be sure to check out the links to other member clubs within the Adobe Mountain Railroad park....160 acres of railroding fun Woo-Hoo !!
  6. RonP

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    Just a few updates of the club layout

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  7. RonP

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    Getting ready for the Essex show at the end of the month

    These are our modules we use for shows. Of course we have a permanent layout as well.

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  8. rogerw

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    Love those bridge shots. Very nice Ron

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