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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by Gregg Mahlkov, Jan 22, 2001.

  1. Just received Catalog No. 10 from Russ Clover of Clover House. he has added MDC Roundhouse N Scale 36 foot boxcars, reefers, meat reefers, and stockcars to the items he has for sale. With the dozens of dry transfers he sells, here is the opportunity to fill out your early 20th century car fleet. The meat reefers were used into the 1960's, so you Diesel folks can use them. This helps with his minumum order of $20.00.
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    Could you please give me the address and cost for the catalog? I've been unable to find any information on the web.

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    Checked the members list. He's not even listed.
    Must of been connected to the LHS, or considered a spammer by the admin of the Gauge at the time and was banned.
    Things were different back then..........
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    Thanks for the information. I'm not sure why I couldn't find it on yahoo.
    I didn't notice that the original post was so old. I'd better learn how to get around on the forum. We old dogs are slow but we can learn,


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