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  1. peter taft

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    Hi guys. This is my build of Gary the MASTER's CLOUDBASE. One piccy only {sorry} camera problems {expensive problems } so i give you what i managed to get. The TINY angels interceptors aren't on the pad - i haven't made them... my eyes need new glasses before i even go there . The model is very nice to build, well it is a PILSWORTH PRODUCTION . Hope you like it guys.

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  2. ThunderChild

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    Very impressive!
    What plane were you flying in when you took that picture? :D :D
  3. peter taft

    peter taft Senior Member

    Pleased you like her. I was just cruisin' past in a BUFF :mrgreen: Because of camera problems i couldn't get the scale cube shots, so here's her dimensions: LENGTH = 26cm {10 1/4 inches} WIDTH = 17cm {6 3/4 inches} HEIGHT = 6cm {2 1/4 inches}

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