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Discussion in 'General Card Modeling' started by Ashrunner, May 31, 2007.

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    I have closed the thread entitled "La Patrouille de France!." I believe everyone has the right to say what they want, to a point. When posts begin to sound like attacks on a person, for whatever reason, things are way to out of hand.

    The statements against the designer in question were more "over the top" than anything previously posted. Therefore, I closed the thread, and I hope to hear nothing more on this.

    Please respect the wishes of others.
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    I just want to officially say that I am NOT mad in anyway at Ojimak. I never purposefully intend to insult any artist who can demonstrate their skills in any manner whether they give away their works or make money from them. They love what they do and are passionate about their work and that is what makes the world go around for them.

    My issue was the response to the project that was created from the works of another. I still respect the original author but the reaction was in MY opinion only a bit much. Perhaps it was a good idea to cut all downloads to gain the attention of all downloaders and it worked. Again my opinion that someone should be a little open minded about art created with the works of others. There are so many areas to consider in using another persons 'available' art. Things like distribution, using someone else's work to create something else and claiming someone else's work as your own are just some examples of pure wrong doing that I have witnessed in my time.

    For me... deconstruction of another artist's work is how I learn to create. Be it a painting, camera work; color work, 3D modeling, textures, and web design and so on. You tear it apart, look at how it works and get the idea of how things are created from professionals.

    As for 'repaints'... Repaints are a way of getting what you want in a model without troubling the original author to create a custom work you wished for. A file that is distributed online and is locked is locked for a reason. The artist does not want that file used for any other reason. We should all respect a locked file and the permissions of the author. But what happens after it's printed? What do we do with card models after they slide out of the printer? If I want an artist's tank with a Canadian logo on it, is it wrong to do so? When is it allowable to deviate from the model's original final look? Can we take that model and at any stage create 'add-ons' for it (ex. a base model of a T72 tank released has a self made kit with boxes, armament changes and reactive armor add-ons that use the original as a base)? What is acceptable as a repaint and what procedures are required to repaint a model that satisfy both the original designer and the end user?

    Again. I am not angry with Ojimak just not impressed in my own way on how he responded. I do respect his right to how his files are used but is the real cost to downloading free models to not build them how you want them to be built?
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    GB...I agree with you. This topic does need to be explored. There have been many threads on copyrights as it relates to distribution of material and such, but I don't recall one on the rights in relationship to designer vs user.

    When I used Kancho's F-104 as a basis for my NF-104 repaint and parts addition, I sought his permission before going public with the kit.

    I for one would like to get a feel for how everyone feels on the subject.

    But...I don't want to start the thread 8v)
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    After offering my 2 cents worth in the closed thread I hope I didn't offend any one here. I too think a discussion thread on this subject would be beneficial. It seems that these questions have been answered in the general public when one looks at the products available and the modifications done to them and the products are from the original manufacturers and designers. I would be interested to see what the general consensus is on our subject matter. I believe 99% of all the paper models I have seen are based on objects people did not design but in fact are recreating in paper. If one can see this then it seems a bit ironic/paradoxical to place such constrains on subject mater to which you (in general) have not the permission to re-create. I had re-done the Russian "Ekranoplan" model so that the lines were more visible and basically received a big "no-no" from the members here. This model I believe is in public domain as it was printed in 1975 under the Soviet Union. I find hypocritical that a person would who has not contacted the original designers of these aircraft/cars for permission would be so adamant not to allow changes to their own copied design. This designer did not design any of these models, he just made a paper version of them. I used to make components at Sikorsky Aircraft for the plastic wind tunnel models and know that models are made of aircraft before production. I have never read anywhere here where someone has permission from Grumman or NASA or Sikorsky or Aerospatial or any other manufacturer to reproduce their products. It seems kind of ridiculous.
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