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Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by culpster, Oct 10, 2009.

  1. culpster

    culpster Member

    Anyone want to host this file...Just in time for Halloween. A clone trooper helmet that will be part of my Captain Rex papercraft down the road. I think I got pretty close to the Clone Wars 3D type helmet, yet I tried to make it easy enough for anyone to make. I know it's not Rex, but it is wide open for those that want to color it, resize, etc. Would be nice to give some credit if you decide to use it though.

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  2. Cuthbert

    Cuthbert Member

    Helmet looks good. You can put it in the Download section.
  3. Lord Manimal

    Lord Manimal Member

    I gotta see this one built.
  4. RodentMaster

    RodentMaster Member

    I know a friend that would love one of these as a gift. Let me know when it's available for download!
  5. cuguel

    cuguel New Member

    Yo quiero ese casco!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ya te mande un PM pero no tuve noticia =(
  6. Ghengis Ska

    Ghengis Ska New Member

    Did this ever go up in the downloads section?
  7. vulcan8630

    vulcan8630 Member

    I just checked the Star Wars Download Clone Trooper Helmet yet....!

    This does look like a GREAT model if it is 1:1 even better!

    Please share and download?
  8. mangler525

    mangler525 New Member

  9. roobarb

    roobarb New Member

    Cool? Maybe - if only we could get our hands on it. Otherwise just tepid

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