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  1. Play-Doh

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    I decided I wanted to build a clocktower, so I searched google and found the one. It looked like a decent one to model after.

    And the final product came out like this. Darn camera phone pic again, it doesnt do it justice. But it lights up on all four sides!
    Its build out of wooden dowls, taskboard, brick styrene, and I kitbashed model power #598 street clocks and ran an LED up the base. I drilled out behind the faces and positioned the LED up there.

    What do you all think?

    And heres the one I modled after

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  2. bigsteel

    bigsteel Call me Mr.Tinkertrain

    you dont see one of dem on a model RR every day! great modeling,it looks like it was fun.where will it be on your layout? it would look cool in front of "town hall"--josh
  3. Play-Doh

    Play-Doh Member

    Ill try to get a decent digital of it soon....its just too fuzzy.
  4. spitfire

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    Nice little scratchbuild Play-Doh!! :thumb:

  5. Cannonball

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    That would look awesome on a Christmas/Winter layout. :cool:
  6. cnw1961

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    Very well done :thumb: . Hope to see a better picture of it :)

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