Climax Dress up kit?

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  1. mrgooch

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    Bachmann On30. Is it an easy project to remove the existing cab on the engine in order to replace it with a open cabin? Is the cab and frame one solid unit?
  2. sumpter250

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    Welcome back Mrgooch!!
    It's been a while since you were last here.
    The cab is attached by two phillips head screws that thread up into tabs at the bottom of each side of the cab casting.
    the cab lifts vertically off the boiler, so be careful of the piping that goes through the front of the cab.
    You will also have to rotate the "reverse gear lever" forward, to get the Johnson bar link out of the cab wall, and the knots in the bell rope have been glued, so you will have to cut one end or the other (I cut the cab end knot off).
  3. mrgooch

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    Climax and Shay

    Hello Sumpter
    I remember our contact. I see you purchased a G scale model of the Climax. Have you out grown it yet?
  4. mrgooch

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    Non working model!

    What are the chances of finding a non working model of the Bachmann climax or shay. I would like to make a static display of the engine.
  5. Renovo PPR

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    That looks great.
  6. sumpter250

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    The only climax I have is the Bachmann On30. I have a conversion from an MDC HO shay to On30 climax, that Shamus built, it is one of my prize possessions.
  7. sumpter250

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    This is the On30 climax Shamus built:

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