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  1. PModel Rookie

    PModel Rookie Member

    I Just wanted to know,

    Is the clear paint spray works for hardening and make a paper model a little bit shiny/glossy and also waterproof?And,do I need to spray it before cutting or after the model finished?

    Help is appreciated,
    Please and thanks.
  2. Jim Nunn

    Jim Nunn Member

    For commercially printed models spray it after the model is built. Stiffer parts are harder to form and depending on what you use to coat the model the PVA glues we use may not stick to the part. Some modelers do lightly spray Ink Jet printed models they say it sets the colors so they don’t run.

    I do not “seal” my models with any type of clear coat though is used to be common in Europe to varnish paper models. One of the members of this forum eatcrow AKA Peter Crow uses Future floor wax to seal his models. I also use it to stiffen small parts and to add a shine or even a glass like appearance to head lights and gauges. I have see Peters models and the very slate shine does even out the appearance of the model. What he does is use an air brush and just fogs the model from a foot or so away from the model, several coats will give you an increasing shine and you can even get a high gloss finish.
    I doubt if the model is water proof but that does not appear to be a problem I have had paper models that looked as good as new after 10 to 15 years just keep them out of direct sunlight.

    A word of caution about Future you need to clean your air brush immediately after use and you will need to use a mixture of 1 part of household ammonia to 2 parts water. Some modelers 50/50 the ammonia but I worry that the ammonia could etch the interior of the air brush. Best of all you can purchase a quart of Future and Ammonia for the cost of a can of clear coat.

    This is not the best method its just one of many.

    I just noticed that you live in Malaysia I doubt if Future floor wax is uses the same brand name in Malaysia. Perhaps some one on the forum members knows what the brand name for Future is in Malaysia.

    Jim Nunn
  3. PModel Rookie

    PModel Rookie Member

    For personally printed model(Ink jet printed),I need to spray clear paint BEFORE cutting,right?After cutting,do I need to stick the coated paper with PVA glue or glue for plastic models?

    Besides Future floor wax,is there any other clear spray works on card models too?

    Or any clear spray actually works on card models?:confused:

    BTW,what is ammonia?a type of glue?
  4. David H

    David H Member

    You can use any spray varnish. I use artists varnish / lacquer, it comes in an aerosol can. Use the gloss variety a little at a time. I have had poor results using matt varnish resulting in blotches on the model surface. I use it both on components and finished models

    The varnish will form a "plastic" like coat on the paper / card and can make rolling and bending more difficult. Sticking components with PVA can also be difficult. Either sand off the surface of the varnish where you need to glue or use a different glue, e,g. super glue.

  5. PModel Rookie

    PModel Rookie Member

    That's sounds simple.I'll take a try.
  6. greenelf1967

    greenelf1967 Member

    I make my card models and if i want to give them a bit more stability and colour/shine i spray them with krylon triple thick crystal clear makes them water resistant and nice and glossy
  7. doctormax

    doctormax Member

    Would hair spray be just as good for keeping the printing from fading. When I was in Art college we were told by a lecturer that the Fixative was expensive and that to keep pencil drawings from fading that The Cheap hairspray was in fact better than the Fixative. I have a drawing that I done in 1987 of a girlfriend and it never smudged and has been looked at by lots of people over the two decades. Believe me if it had not been sprayed on it be just a mess.

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