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Discussion in 'Tips & Tricks' started by shaygetz, Oct 30, 2006.

  1. shaygetz

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    Get a box of whatzits and whodats for next to nothing on Ebay? Finding them covered with the mortal remains of someone else's long gone attempts at scenery can make for a stressful cleanup and reuse. Not to fear though, just pop your latest find in the dishwasher (preferably when your beloved ain't looking), set it on the short cycle, plop down in front of the tube for the latest sports diversion and...viola...sparkling clean fodder that you can now gorm up with your own scenic concoctions.:thumb:


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  2. shaygetz

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    ...and after...:thumb:

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  3. Ralph

    Ralph's for fun!

    Wow! That was brave....but the results were well worth it!
  4. only15

    only15 PRO:Pain In The Behind

    well i just tried this and i almost got shot
  5. nachoman

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    make sure the heat cycle is off!

  6. Dave Harris

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    Yup, a dishwasher works fine for a LOT of ODD projects -- till you get caught by the wife or sometimes by my son!
    I needed to get a piece of plywood sort of " steamed " to bend it onto a sewing cabinet I was building my wife -- a few cycles in the DW did a dandy job of it-- that only caused a small conflagration, what really blew the lid off was when I used it to clean a set of pistons & rods from a 392 hemi!!
    Solved the problem by buying my own DW ( used ) & installing it in the Garage -- no more complaints.

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