Cleaning Corroded Brass

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    I did some work on an unpainted Cary SW1500 body some years and installed the brass handrail set. I put the unit away unpainted. I recently got it out to start working on again and noticed the brass handrail and stanchions have some corrosion (green and white powdering). Does anyone know with what the corrosion can be removed and if it would still be salvageable? Thx in advance.
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    My guess is the corrosion is some kind of reaction between the solder flux and the brass. Did you use acid core solder or acid flux used for pipe sweating?

    Try cleaning it using mild dish detergent and water. Sometimes I take an old toothbrush and use it to scrub with. If you suspect acid residue, you can neutralize the acid using baking soda and water. Hopfully the corrosion is only surficial, in which case once it is removed, the locomotive can be painted as usual.

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    That is a good link however he can't dip his loco in ketchup. After reading a few of those I'd deduct that tomato juice vineger and salt is a good cleaner. That or hot sauce...
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    I might try Vinegar with salt in it. If you have an old penny or another bit of green copper, test on that.

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