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Discussion in 'Dream Kits & Wish Lists' started by zealousy, Dec 3, 2008.

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    Hi All, I've been looking around for some classic American muscle type cars....the likes of the fastback Mustangs, GTO, the General Lee type of cars..(Particularly the 1967 Shelby GT500 Mustang Fastback) with a reasonable level of detail......Anyone seen it around?????Thanks a lot :)Viraj
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    Thanks mysteroid and Dragos, I actually found the Cobra last night and it looks like a cool model :) and I've found this thread has exactly what I want but it doesn't tell where to find it (I'm talking about the GT 500 pics halfway down the thread)......I already downloaded the Beater Bee and the Cobra but I'm still looking for the Mustang.....Anyone??
  5. zealousy

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    I found that someone was working on the '68 fastback Mustang on another forum ( if the post is true, he actually got to the interior and wheels too.....but the thread seems to have died last year and not sure wheather the model was ever completed...........anyone seen it around??? :(
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    Thanks :) I'm looking thru the second site now! But the detail level isn't very inspiring though! But thanks for the link...lotsa cars there :)
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    Yea, there are a number of sub-par models and worse, dead links. But there are a few gems in there. Good luck!

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