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    I'm interested in finding in finding out what kind of clamps are used to keep card stock together until dry
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    Just to add to Ricks almost complete list.
    for flat parts or for laminating books work great also
  4. Aside from forceps/tweezers, my favorite clamps are dollhouse clothespins. These are available around here in dollar stores, 25 to a bag. They look just like normal spring-clip clothespins only they're only 1" long. They clamp well and are quite light so they don't bend the edges.

    Cheers --- Larry
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    Another cool clamp is from another hobby - model rocketry. The smooth jawed metal aligator clips (about 1" long) are used as ignitor wire connectors. I've also used these in years past for clipping bits of rigging line when rigging model ships.

    For larger stuff I've been using a minature plastic sort of shop clamp. Bought them in a pack of about of a dozen but I don't recall where. I need more, so I'm gonna have to recall where.

    Yet another larger, very strong plastic shop clamp is handy for laminating flat stuff.
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    In addition to all the above, I find a couple of crystal CD cases do great work of clamping parts together. Works great on wing trailing edges, or holding small laminated parts flat until the glue drys. White glues don't stick to the case surface, and if one properly aligns the edges of the cases, you can clamp down only the outer 1/32 inch of the wing TEs, which is barely noticible as a flat spot on the upper wing surface in the finished model. The big plastic clamps used to hold closed opened potato chip bags also work well for that well as keeping the snacks crisp from one building session to the next.
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    Man I forgot I have a bag of these. They would be perfect for many tasks. Thanks for the reminder!

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    I use self closing tweezers also. Other clamps are normal clothespins and clothespins that I have reversed.

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