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level of interest for civilian airliners etc.

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  1. tomazs

    tomazs New Member

    wow is it imposible to get this beutiful model ?:thumb::eek:
  2. TOMAZS,
    Very nice I look forward to seeing more of your builds. Maybe LEX's A-380 will be among them. He does nice work so I am looking forward to it.

  3. Hey Lex,

    I would like to volunteer as a Beta builder if you like? I will still buy it when finished. Not looking for a freebee I just would like to help.
  4. peter taft

    peter taft Guest

    Now this is DROP DEAD GORGEOUS

    I like her too my friend, but.... what about a paper model of this one... The one and only VICKERS VC 10 in the BOAC livery :mrgreen: Now is she a SEXY Airliner or what ? I think they are still used today but has re-fuelers ?.Regards. Pete :wave:

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  5. Jesus

    Jesus Member

    Some pics of the Bac one eleven 200-300-400 series (short fuselage). This one in the photos is in 1/100 scale and is the last test model to see how it works the rear airstair and some other details. this model is almost completed and the final version will be in 1/33 scale as usual. :thumb:

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  6. Jesus

    Jesus Member

    Some more pics:

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  7. Rick Thomson

    Rick Thomson Member

    The Vickie Ten is a nice bit of kit alright, they used to drop in at Cold Lake every so often during the 70's when the RAF came over for Maple Flag, or to cold weather test some new piece of gear.
  8. Rick Thomson

    Rick Thomson Member

    A lovely bit of work there indeed.
  9. Cybermac

    Cybermac Member


    Perfect as always!:thumb:

  10. peter taft

    peter taft Guest

    Vickers VC 10... Beauty of the sky !

    They we're the Queens of the Airways {Good days :mrgreen:} and the balance between Practicality and sheer BEAUTY we're so well defined in her she made pilots long to get a chance to fly her. Her grace was that of a very "sofisticated lady" with a pang of "go for it girl" underneath :twisted:... if i was a plane she would be my valentine. My 2nd love would have to be the Boeing 707 and a very close 3rd place would be the Boeing 747 the series numbers for these i have forgotten. PLANES WORTH FLYING for sure :thumb:
  11. peter taft

    peter taft Guest

    What can i say apart from - This is one of the cleanest - neatest models on here and your dedication through all stages does you proud my man !. If you ever get the time please consider a Vickers VC 10 there's one or two of us that would appreciate that coming to life in your capable hands :thumb:. Regards and respect to you friend. Pete.
  12. sakrison

    sakrison Member

    Ooooh. I want one!!!
  13. Tyrone_X

    Tyrone_X New Member

    The only aircraft I personaly are/will be interested is in airliners and civilian!..

    Not too worried about the airline printed as long as the aircraft type/model is available !
  14. Jesus

    Jesus Member

  15. knife

    knife Member

    I've built the GELI DC-9, it started falling apart immediately. The silver coating doesn't take glue well. No way could it be converted to flying model. The flying model in the video also seems larger than the GELI model, and has different markings on the tail.

    Still, it's a great video and a good find.
  16. Jesus

    Jesus Member

    I think some parts of the video could be computer generated images. Note the aircraft shadow in the first low fly by the runway/road...there is something strange. The shadow is too close the road while the aircraft is in the long/medium distance but both are seen at the same size (small).
  17. kav1961

    kav1961 New Member

    Hi! I'm a civil aviation fan too. I've built the several paper planes for last four years.
    A340-600 BA, A320 VA, Boeing 747-400 by K.Kiyonaga:


    Iljushin 62 LOT by Maly Modelarz:


    DC9 KLM and Boeing 727 Lufthansa by Leon Schuijt :


    Tupolev 104 by A.Kalistratov :

  18. kav1961

    kav1961 New Member

    Hi everybody! May I introduce some of my civil aviation paper planes?

    A320 Vietnam Airlines
    Iljushin 62 LOT
    Boeing 727 Lufthansa
    DC9 KLM in scales 1/100 and 1/72
    Boeing 747-400 Japanese Goverment
    A340-600 Virgin Atlantic
    Tupolev 104 Aeroflot

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