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level of interest for civilian airliners etc.

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  1. RyanShort1

    RyanShort1 Member

  2. Flanker37

    Flanker37 New Member

    it amazes me, why there are not more airliners available in card. for 1 reason, they feature a lots less in the way of complex shapes compaired to a fighter/bomber. On the other hand, and airliner is bigger, and therefore takes up more room. But hey, if you want an airliner, you are going to make space for one.... right. So bring on the B7XX's and of course, Im just crazy enough to want a 1/33rd Airbus A380 :)
  3. Cybermac

    Cybermac Member

    This 'Lone Star' is amazing!

    By the way, the biggest planes in 1/33 I've ever seen were B-52 and C-130
    from Polish GPM but certainly they are not airliners.

  4. Flanker37

    Flanker37 New Member

    the Biggest i have, is the Tupelov Tu-160, and thats going to be a long time before i do that one
  5. Flugzeug

    Flugzeug New Member

    :twisted: I've just calculated Airbus A380 size in the scale 1/33: length 2.21m/7.25ft, span 2.42m/7.94ft and height 0.73m/2.4ft.
    As I see at e-shops usually publishers use 1/50 scale for passengers' planes or 1/100 for bigger planes like B747. Other scales are used too.

    Airbus A380 in a scale 1/50 is: length 1.46m/4.79ft, span 1.60m/5.25ft and height 0.48m/1.58ft.
    On my point of view a scale 1/100 is the best for Airbus A380: length 0.73m/2.40ft, span 0.80m/2.63ft and height 0.48m/0.73ft.

    Possibly I'm wrong but I like to see planes grouped by scale. For example 1/33 is good for fighters and similar size aircrafts, 1/50 is better for middle size civil aircrafts and other bigger aircrafts. 1/100 is better for big planes. The possibility compare size of aircrafts is one more pleasure in modeling for me. :yep:
  6. Flanker37

    Flanker37 New Member

    Well i think 1/72nd is the best scale for large airliners, not too big, but big enough to detail. I once saw Transport Wings vacform model of the 747-200 (might have been 100) and that was a beauty. Really about the same as these travel agents have in their shop windows on big metal stands.
  7. Cybermac

    Cybermac Member

    My personal choiche is 1/72

    Simply - I don't have much space and in case of any moving I would have to put them into my car;-)

    By the way, one day I would like to compare my airliners, transport machines with 1/72 fighter collection of my friends. Especially if I do any air tanker!:)

  8. Flanker37

    Flanker37 New Member

    Well i'm sure a 1/33rd scale airbus or boeing would just get tied down on your roof rack. Who knows, if you drive fast enough, you might generate enough lift on the models wings to take offsign1
  9. knife

    knife Member

    I point out the at GELI airliners were 1/33 scale, and with thinner than normal paper. I'm sure many were destroyed during moving. My GELI Boeing 737 is slowly decomposing in the closet because it is too large to display. That's why I downsized it to 1/48 scale for my later Southwest and AirTran versions.

    Since size doesn't matter in the design phase, I'm designing my latest jet project at 1/16 scale. That way, anybody that wants to reduce it to 1/33 can print four pages per sheet.
  10. pahorace

    pahorace Member

  11. Cybermac

    Cybermac Member


    My fresh idea for B-737-300 from Gatwick...


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  12. New Civil Aircraft...

    Hi those interested in Civilian Aircraft. With over 25 different aircraft designs completed, and 25 of the DH 82ATiger Moth alone (and Airport buildings), I think I can safely say that we are at the business end of six years work (delays due to health reasons). Most of our designs are between the wars aircraft however, but we do have plans for a few turboprops as well.

    Most of our designs will be out before Christmas and we have another 16 different designs in an advanced state.


  13. That is nice to hear, where is the link o your site?
  14. By Air Classique Site

    Hi Tim

    Haven't put many new pictures up as yet and will be overhauling the site, but I've added the site to my signature (finally)...


  15. 727engineer

    727engineer New Member

    Can anyone tell me the type of aircraft used in Flight of the phoenix?
  16. atamjeet

    atamjeet Member

    Magnificient... fantastic... I love the "riviting tool" you hve made... I will prepare one for me as well... Thanks for sharing the pictures... I am very impressed... I am from India and there isn't any hobby shop I have come across so far.... I have a big list to buy things, as soon as I find a hobby shop.... I don't preffer E-Bay sort of shopping.
    Keep sharing your work on this forum.... Thanks!
  17. Lex

    Lex Dollmaker

    I have recently been commissioned to design a moderately detailed kit of A380, --probably won't be free this time round but will still be an addition to the arsenal ;)
  18. atamjeet

    atamjeet Member

    Thats a gr8 stuff Lex.... I am very willing to make a very detailed model of A-380.
  19. cbg

    cbg Member

    type of aircraft used in Flight of the phoenix?

    If you are refering to the original movie with Jimmy Stewart, the "Phoenix" was a cannibalized hybrid airframe from the following sources:

    Beech C-45, North American T-6, North American L-17, among others (it was a Fairchild C-82 that crash-landed in the desert).

    Designed, built and flown by Paul Mantz and Frank Tallman in 1965.

    Here's an interesting site with particulars:

    I've built a pretty nice card model of this airplane found here:

  20. Wll Lex, as a proud owner of your last freebee I would be most honored to buy your next design of the A-380. (Assuming I can afford it). I have benefited plenty from the efforts of people like yourslef who have made this an affordable hobby for me. So to have to pay once in a while is O.K. with me. Are you going to do a design thread so we can watch her as she comes together?

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