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level of interest for civilian airliners etc.

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  1. scon10

    scon10 Member

    Yes, I'll want 30 sheets too. If A-4 size is available, then that would have my preference, otherwise the 8,5 by 11 inch size will also do. Just let me know.
  2. I opted for now to go with the REdriver chrome paper. It prints great with dye based ink printers. I found a paper supplier here in San Diego who already prints the above paper in plain sheets in 150 sheet packages. I will be going out that way next week. I will check it out then. If you guys want I will do the same I did for Bengt as he wanted a few sheets of the Redriver paper. He lives in Sweden so I shipped him 6 sheets at a $1.00 a sheet plus postage. It covered my cost and I made $2.50 before counting the gas to the post office. So I may have to put a little more on top if you know what I mean? So let me know if you still want me to bother.
  3. scon10

    scon10 Member

    Well, if you're talking about the Red River chrome paper, that we discussed earlier in this thread, then please count me out, because I already have that. If you're obtaining the silver printed paper that the Spanish Genius is using, even though that needs to go through a laser printer, then I'm game, because I can print it on the backside with an inktjetprinter, and draw the details on the silver side with a draughtsman pen. Just let me know.
    Thanks for your trouble.
  4. scon10

    scon10 Member

    By the way, can you accept Paypal or credit card? Any other money transfer to the US will cost around between 15 and 30 $$, so that would be prohibitive.
  5. I have a paypal account and I already tried it when Bengt Sweden) bought 6 sheets of the Redriver chrome paper. He just got them ad is trying them out. I will be going to the store that carries the other paper soon. So anyone who wants some let me know how many sheets you want and e-mail me at That way I will know how many to buy.

    By the way I am only charging enough to cover my cost (gas at $4.50 a gallon), postage and a few cents for my trouble. At least this way we can all give it a go without breaking the bank. If I end up getting mine for free that is all I want. I can't quote a price right now but I will before I buy it. So I need a response soon. I have heard from a few of you already but please respond again as I lost all those e-mails.
  6. jaffro

    jaffro Long term member

    are there any photo examples of how this paper looks before and after printing? I just bought some "silver / chrome" paper the other day but it's nowhere near as shiny (mirror finish) as the silver card I used for the supercharger on my Mad Max Interceptor (<--see avatar). I'm yet to try it out cos it was quite pricy and my printer has some gunk stuck in it and has been making a mess of some print jobs lately so I've stopped using it for now.
  7. knife

    knife Member


    I'm learning how to post photos, hopefully you can see some of my civil airplanes.


    And here is an example of using "photo realistic" windows verses a typical "painted" window.


    And how it looks from the side.

    And an example of a photograph cleaned up and ready for pasting to the design.

    737 Left Side.jpg

    And a side view showing the 15 sheets needed to make the 737.
  8. Nothing

    Nothing Longtime Member

    where can i get this 737? its one of my favorite liners.
  9. knife

    knife Member

    The AirTran model is a slightly modified and repainted GELI 737. It is too close to the original GELI design for me to release it as my own design. As a personel note, AirTran really messed up my professional career, so I will never under any circumstance release that model. However, if you look at the sheets under the 737, you will see that I'm redesigning the 737 (while learning Metasequoia and into a COPA airline 737-800. Maybe by the time I get done, I will have done enough work to feel like I "own" the model and release it as my own. I'm only using the original GELI drawings to verify the accuracy of my designs.

    737 front.jpg
  10. Nothing

    Nothing Longtime Member

    man thats a great effect on the cockpit windows!
  11. Cybermac

    Cybermac Member

    EXCELLENT JOB !!!:thumb:
    Nice to see my beloved 737!

    By the way I still don't know which painting scheme should I go for...
    Any suggestions?

    And what about DC-9? Is it your design or for example Dutch LSB repainted model?

    Best regards

  12. knife

    knife Member

    The DC-9 is a modified LSB model. I changed the fuselage length and modified the tail and engines to convert it to a Boeing 717. The really hard part was converting the instrument panel to an all glass cockpit . I also modified the kit to make a McDonald/Douglas MD-82 in Delta Airlines colors. The DC-9 series is very flexible, as it was manufactured by three/four different companies.

    As far as paint schemes for the 737--if you have a lot of blue or orange ink, Southwest has a lot of interesting paint schemes. I have already made an old orange paint scheme, and after getting finished with the COPA plane I want to model the new blue color scheme. After that--Shamu.
  13. Special Paper Offer

    announce1announce1 ACHTUNG, ATTENTION, LITEN UPannounce1announce1announce1

    I have the paper with the silver coating. It has a beautiful sheen to it. I epxerimented with it and you can print on it with a toner laser printer. (not inkjet) I mentioned that to the paper guy and he said "No, you can't print on it with a Toner laser printer" I said by buddies at the Forum said differently. So I stuck my neck out and trusted my friends. I prints fine. I rubbed it with my finger and it adheres very well. It really gives the look of lightly polished aluminum. it is not a chorme look ,like the Redriver paper. I bought 50 sheets. So for now, I will sell it to you guys for $.60 per sheet plus postage. That barely covers my gas to go get it.

    So who wants any
  14. Chessie6459

    Chessie6459 Gauge Oldtimer

    Wow that is a nice looking plane. First time I have been to this part of the forum. I must say all of you guys do excellent work. Will stop by again.
  15. scon10

    scon10 Member

    Hi Tim,
    I'll take 10 sheets, if that's all right with you. I'll need to pay by Paypal, so I'll need an e-mail address to transfer the money.
    I prefer to exchange information on addresses etc outside the forum, to avoid any spam machines picking up our addresses and misuse these, so can you contact me by private message, please?
  16. SCON

    I posated my e-mail

    timhinds1(at) use @ for (at)
  17. Cybermac

    Cybermac Member

    Hi Knife!

    I think I'll try Your trick with windows because it gives a very nice effect!:)
    ...stil working on engine and pylons...

  18. Flanker37

    Flanker37 New Member

  19. Nothing

    Nothing Longtime Member

    now that would be a looker!
  20. Cybermac

    Cybermac Member

    Ouuuu YES!

    Very nice!:thumb:

    My model is still far away to be finished but my last idea is...
    Human traffic from Syberia:mrgreen:


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