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level of interest for civilian airliners etc.

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  2. good interest

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  1. sakrison

    sakrison Member

    Here's another pretty D18.

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  2. Rick Thomson

    Rick Thomson Member

    Another pretty exploder.

    I've always considered the RCAF/CAF natural Metal/Red/White scheme to be about the most attractive of all paint schemes.

    That is as long as you weren't picked to polish one of the birds to atone for your sins...(been there, done that...)


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  3. Cybermac

    Cybermac Member


    By the way...

    Was there ever published any card model of B-737-200 ???
    Shreiber-bogen? Modellbogen-Kranich?
    If not, then maybe Jesus's will be the first one...

  4. Lex

    Lex Dollmaker

    I wonder, what are the "big" publishers on modern civil jets? I know Schreiber has some, but who else?
  5. Cybermac

    Cybermac Member

    I know only old issues:

    Modellbogen-Kranich (ex East Germany, now reprints: Il-62, Tu-144, Tu-104, Il-14),
    Leon Schuijt Bouwplaten: DC-9, DC-10, BAC-1-11, F-28, B-727,
    Maly Modelarz: Il-62, An-12,

    Any more???:oops:

  6. Hans Christian

    Hans Christian Active Member

    I really want to see a card model of Beech's King Air family, especially the 350

    but if there's no one who wants to design it... I sure hope I could get a copy of the Rhino3D program... then I'll give it a shot... could be my very first card model design... :twisted:
  7. Hans Christian

    Hans Christian Active Member

    hey speaking of the Electra... I thought sir Bob (airbob) designed one...
  8. Yes he did and I have it all printed out and ready to build. After I build a few others that I printed out and are ready to build after I ---- Does anyone else have this problem? I see one I want to build and print it out and then another pops up so I set the other aside and --- and well you know the rest
  9. Lex

    Lex Dollmaker

    That's why I usually keep my printer locked away and use it once a month... :D Enough derailment, we're still eager to see your build of the Electra!
  10. Well I solved part of the problem, I installed a continuous ink system. It was a little bit of a challenge (mostly because I did not follow the steps properly) but onec I got it percolating (that's "going" for you youngsters) it works fine. My cost per cartridge went from $12 to $1. So not I am not so hesitant to print something.
  11. knife

    knife Member

    I have modified the GELI 737, downsizing it to 1/48 scale, repainted it in AirTran and Southwest airline colors. Nothing even close to Jesus's masterpieces. The only technique that I use that nobody else has talked about is that instead of detailing the interiors, I use photo-realistic windows. I go onto | Airplanes - Aviation - Aircraft- Aircraft Photos & News, do a photo search for the aircraft I'm detailing, find photo of cockpit and passenger windows. I then cut the windows from the photos using a paint program and paste them onto the paper models before I print them out. Adds a level of detail with very little work. Same technique can be used for any unusual emblems.

    I also found a 1/48 scale paper model of the 727 on ebay. It's in Federal Express colors, produced by 3-D Paper in Chula Vista, California. I've never seen it listed anywhere before. It is die cut, cost me $40 with shipping.

    I'm currently using the zealot's tutorial on designing models to create a Grumman Gulfstream 450. I hope to have it modeled this week. Then I will try other Biz Jets. Wish me luck.
  12. aki

    aki New Member

    Post the pics of your B727/737 and 450!!!!!!
  13. What is the name of the company in Chula Vista CA, I live about twenty miles from there. I didn't even know there was a paper model company here.
  14. knife

    knife Member

    The name of the company is: 3d Paper. If you do an Ebay search for 280217932653 it should bring up the auctions with photos of the kit. I haven't broken the code on how to post photos with here.

    I will try to find some good photos of the 737 later.
  15. Cybermac

    Cybermac Member

    Waiting for your nice B-737 photos!!! :thumb:

  16. aki

    aki New Member

  17. Nothing

    Nothing Longtime Member

    any idea where these kits are available?
  18. aki

    aki New Member

  19. cdavenport

    cdavenport Member

    I also found a 1/48 scale paper model of the 727 on ebay. It's in Federal Express colors, produced by 3-D Paper in Chula Vista, California. I've never seen it listed anywhere before. It is die cut, cost me $40 with shipping.

    I built that one waay back in 1989. I am surprised they are still floating around. It builds into a very large and very beautiful model. The registration and fit of the parts is excellent.
  20. cdavenport

    cdavenport Member

    I am coming late to this thread. Count me in Tim. I'll buy 20-30 sheets.Great for rockets and bare aluminum aircraft.

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