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  1. belg

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    Do you guys think it would be to obvious if I took like the back street and elevated it slightly to view those structures better, it would look unnatural?
  2. mhdishere

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    I think the key would be to make sure it looks natural, either have a hill, or retaining wall or something. The real world has different elevations, so to me nothing looks as unnatural as something completely flat.
  3. brakie

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    As far as flatness it also has a place..Just look at some of the major cities.Here in Ohio Columbus is flat while Cincinnati is hilly..
    It really boils down to the City or Town location in a given state.Even the Mountainous states has some flat ground..

    Here is where understanding the area you are modeling comes into play..The Advanced layout planners has mention this several times in the pages of MR and RMC over the years..Of course a field trip(if possible) to the area you are planing to model will have great dividends on the finish layout...:D
  4. 60103

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    On my layout, I have one city where the street is 4-5 inches abouve the rest of the area (station platform level).
    On the other side, the station is 4 inches above the street level.
    and yes, I do have some rather long, high, brick retaining walls.
    Pictures at 11.

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