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    :mrgreen: :mrgreen: I have started expanding My layout a Area of 5' by 6' and L 4' by 6'. I have most of the main line of track down. On one side i going to set a town. In the back is a second passenger station. A good size freight yard. All the turnouts in this section are remote. I am looking to put a circus scene on the layout. Does any won know any suppliers that any circus equipment to sell. Plus I am starting to think of new designs of double track trestles.
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    I don't know about manufacturers but the idea of a circus sounds great. A friend of mine has built a circus in HO and came out really good.

    A double track trestle, wow :thumb:
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    I don't know a source of the scenery items, off hand. However, I do know that Model Power makes Heavyweight observation and combine cars.

    Last time I checked their website, they were on clearance for dirt cheap prices.
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    2007 walthers N scale book has some stuff, and some carnival rides too.

    check out faller for merry-go-round (motoried), concession stands, ferris wheel (motoried).

    gclaser has some too, but they look more toylike.

    someone makes a big top tent, but i forget who.
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    If anyone is interested in carnival train set or carnival items there a a few now being offered on ebay.

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